Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Casper Invite  1-3-15

Here is the scoop:

3.5KM  Classic Race 
Start time: Noon
Casper Mountain Nordic Trails

Time Line for us:
7AM  Load the bus
7:15 leave for Casper
10:30  Arrive at trails
Warm up/ wax/ restrooms etc.

12 Noon Girls Mass Start
  Boys start 10 minutes after last girl finishes

2PM Pack Up head for home

5PM (Approximate guess) home.  

Load the bus ready to ski, wear your colors, we have team shirts for those who need them.  Tights are here but don't depend on them.  Come dressed to ski.  You can change if we find time.  The weather is predicted to be colder than the last time we were there.  Sweats or warm ups over your tights for before and after the race will be needed.  Warm jackets!

Other items to bring:
Water Bottle
Hat, gloves
Few $$ for a quick stop at a snack store on the way out of Casper.
Back Pack to carry to start of the race with your water and extra clothes in.
Comfy clothes to ride home
Things to keep you busy in the bus, Ipad, cards, music etc.

Because of our smaller travel team...we have only one bus.  Please consider this when packing

Thursday, December 18, 2014

WInter Break Ski Schedule

Skiers need to take all ski belongings home for the break!  We will not be able to get into the school to get them!
Most of the Team after the race in Casper!

     12-29-14   Classic Skis
          Load the bus at 11:00am at LJHS  home 1:30pm

           Load the bus at 11:00am home 1:30pm
     1-2-15 Skate Skis

         Hot wax party for those who are going to the race.  Meet at the wax barn.

These are not required, but if you need something to do... Skiing is always a good thing!

      7:30PM-   meet at Happy Warming Hut.
Coach Hamann will provide hot chocolate and glow sticks.
Families and friends invited. you need your own equipment. Costumes optional and fun!
We will ski till we get tired!

 CASPER INVITE (yep back to Casper)
     You MUST tell Coach Hamann you will be going to this race!  Deadline 12-29-14.  No exceptions. This means call, text, email, verbal.  (Why? Because we are still in Winter Break and many of you will still be out of town etc.  We have to tell the bus garage and registration for the race is due.)

Same Schedule as before.  Be on the bus by 7:00AM  Dressed to ski.  In team colors Under big jacket and warm up pants. . Race starts at noon at the Casper Mountain Nordic Trails.   Home around 5:30PM.  Bring a lunch, a little  spending money, water bottle, backpack to put your gear in at the race. Bring Comfy clothes for the ride home.  Expect colder temperatures and a different race course.

If you want to donate HEALTHY snacks and drinks please call Nancy Reidel at 760-0082

Christmas Fun LJHS NOCRDIC way!



Sunday, December 14, 2014

Practice December 14-19, 2014

Congratulations to all who raced in Casper. Conditions were tough. We were tougher. It was a great first effort for all.  Now go and tell those who did not make the trip to get their practices in so they can come to the next meet!

Those who I waxed your skis. I will help you get it off now that it is snowing. Your skis will not work in fresh snow.

Practice this week:
Back to normal ( if you call it that) M/W/F
We will ski all days. Bring both pair of skis.  The snow conditions will dictate which we use.

Looking forward:
Practice during the break will be on Dec. 29 and 31, 2014   11:00 am. To 1:30 pm the bus will pick us up at the tennis courts.  These are not required practices. Still come if you can.

December 31, 2014
 7:30 pm till we come home.  Second Annual New Years Eve  ski.
Meet at the happy Jack Warming Hut.   Costumes optional. Family and friends welcome.

Jan. 3, 2015 ski meet in Casper.

Christmad suggestions for your skiers:
Water bottle and pack to carry it in
Ski straps to keep skis together
Ski bag
Kick waxes, cork, plastic scraper
Wipe on base wax ( swim f4, fast wax etc)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 8-13,2014 Practice and Casper meet.

Look careful this week is different!

Monday , December 8, 2014
     Practice as usual. Ski at Happy Jack -- Classic skis
      We were promised 2 busses this should make travel times faster and hopefully more on time.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
     Practice at Happy Jack -- Classic skis

Thursday, December 11, 2014
     Right after school till 4:15. Ski wax and prep. This is for those who need an extra practice! Meet in the Shed behind the football field with your Classic skis.

Friday, December 12, 2014
     Ski prep day for those who did not get them done on Thursday. Meet in the shed behind the football field. Bring Classic skis.  Done by 5

Weight room for those who waxed on Thursday.  ( this is your make up practice). Meet in the cafeteria.  Done by 4

Meet on Casper Mountain Trails.  On top of Casper Mountain.

7am load the bus at LJHS by the tennis courts
    Bring with you:  Classic skis and poles, ski boots. Lunch, water, something to do on the bus.
           Come dressed to ski.  Wear your LJHS colors if you have them.   Bring comfy clothes to           change into for the ride home.    Maybe a blanket or pillow.   No Soda or Candy before the meet!

12 Noon
    Predicted start time for Middle School Race  2.5 km Classic

Load the bus after awards.

Stop at a Gas Station  for snacks. Bring no more than  $5  for spending money.

5:30 pm predicted return time.

We will stop and have a snack at the rest area  before Casper in the morning before the race.  Donations of food for this snack would be appreciated.   Fruit, juice or Gatorade, Chocolate milk, bagels and cream cheese, yogurt sticks, breakfast burritos or things like this. We have 50 skiers and 6 adults.

Is there a patent volunteer that would be willing to organize the snacks?