Sunday, February 12, 2017

Last week of the season

This is most of the  that skied this past weekend here in Laramie.
Well done! It was a long race in very harsh conditions.

This week is our last week of the season.  Wow it has been a fast season.  We have true skiers today where at the beginning of the season we had beginners!

Practice is Skate all week.  Leave those nasty klistered skis in the shed!  Plan on working hard the first part of the week then a bit of fun toward the end.  

Friday - Wax day we will clean your classic skis of all the sticky goo,  Wax your skate skis and clean the shed.  We need all to be there to help.

Friday 2-17-17   
Ski Team Dinner and Celebration
LJHS Cafeteria
Please check the sign up sheet that has been emailed to you.
If in question it is a pot luck so just bring a dish to share!
Family is invited.

Come celebrate a season well Skied!


2-18-17  Junior High Championships
Casper Nordic Trails
Start Time: Noon
Bus Loads at 7 AM

Bring your  usual stuff.  Remember warm gloves and jacket. Lunch and money for snacks.
Everybody is welcome to travel and compete.  You all have earned this right. 

The girls bus will have a pajama party on the way home.  Bring your favorite pajamas to wear home. 
The bus driver will be the judge for the best PJs on the bus.  Guys you are welcome to start a party on your bus as well.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Laramie Race 2-11-17

2 weeks left of the season.  WOW! Time has flown!
In honor of the practice days dwindling down.  (8 ski days left!)  All Skiers are invited to ski any day or all days.   Come and get as much time as possible on those skis!

Practices all days this week (Feb. 6  to Feb. 11) are classic skis only.  If you bring your skate skis be prepared to wax them for classic.  Friday we will be in town waxing only. Done by 5PM.   No games, no skiing in the park.  Friday is a school dance.  If you choose to go to the dance,  we will fast wax before the race.  

Laramie Race.
February 11, 2017
Happy Jack Ski trails
Start Time: Noon
Bus Loads from LJHS at 10AM

The parking lot will be crazy with the high school races completing as we get there.  Parents you are welcome to squish in and ride with the team.

All Skiers on the team will be entered in this race!  We have all skied the course. We all can do this.
It is a classic race.  Skaters will be disqualified.  Bring a snack, water, warm jacket etc.

We need parent help.  3-4 who can ski and be on the trails at intersections, 3-4 helping with finish line things, like taking numbers and helping time.

We need a donation of cut up oranges for the finish line.

Junior High Championships
February 18, 2017
Casper Nordic Trails
Start Time: Noon
 Do not know the type of race.