Sunday, January 10, 2021

 We finally got to Happy Jack and skied last week.  Snow conditions are still minimal at best even with this new snow recently.  It makes my heart happy to see kids learning to ski, having fun and becoming racers!

This week January 11-15 looks like this:

Monday/Tuesday: CLASSIC SKI come ready to work hard.  

Tuesday/Thursday:  SKATE DAY You saw that right! Time to break out the skate skis! If you have only one pair of skis or are still unsteady on skis, stay with your classic skis! This will be an easier technique day.

Friday: Practice is in town.  At Scout Field.  If snow we ski if not we run.  Come dressed out to work out.  Done at 5PM.  

Thanks to all of you who skied in out time trial.  For results look here

Our next meet will he in Laramie on January 30, 2021.  We will need help and snow!

Remember to bring your skis to school the first day you practice.  If you plan on skating  this week pack those as well.  Remember to pack hats, gloves and snacks for practices.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Race Season here we come! January 9, 2021 isour invite at Happy Jack. Parents we need your help! Please watch for the list of things you can help with. I sent out a Sign Up earlier.

Here are  some extra details.

All skiers  can participate in this meet.  (Passing COVID health Check in requirements)

Load the bus a 10AM  home around 2:30PM 

Start time is Noon

Spectators plan on parking at the Summit Rest Area and take the shuttle to the ski trails.  Masks required on the shuttle.

The start of the race is 1/2 mile from the trail head.  Walk or ski in is fine.  There will be no snowmobile shuttle service for Teams or Spectators.  Dress to be outside.  By state mandate masks or face coverings are required for  all who are not racing.  (Only when the racer is on the course may they take their mask off!)

Please watch your email and Remind for more details.

Be on the lookout for a zoom invite for Monday January 4, 2020 at 7 PM.  This will be our organizational meeting.

We start transporting skiers to Happy Jack for practice on January 4.  Notice the time change for picking u your skier,  5:30  at the tennis courts!

Friday, January 8, 2021  Practice is optional.  We wax skis on this day.  If you can do this at home please do so.  We can only allow a small group of skiers into the shed at any one time.  Pick up will be when your skis are done or at 5PM.

Think Snow.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

2020 Casper Mountain Meet

 Post 3:  Christmas Break

We had two great weeks of getting to know our skis, learning to ski and getting some good distance  under our belts. 

Through the break please do not quit.  Take advantage of the days and go skiing if you can.  Do something every day.  Something that keeps you moving for at least 60 minutes.

There will be no practices during the break.

Starting January 4,  2021 we will be holding practice at Happy Jack.  The bus will leave LMS as soon as all health checks are complete.  We will aim to be back to school at 5:30.  Pick up by the tennis courts.


The Race Schedule has changed from the original.  Please take note.  Covid and working with the High School schedule is the big reason for this change.

Here is the official Race Schedule.

January 9, 2021 - Laramie (3.5km Classic) We will need parent help for this. Watch for a Zoom invite                                 for a planning meeting!  

January 30, 2021- Laramie- Mindbender-  Classic/ Freestyle combo, inter squad meet.  WE will need a                                  bit of help from parents.

February 6, 2021- Lander -3.5km freestyle

February 13, 2021- Casper - Middle School Championships -3.5 km freestyle

See you all on January 4.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

                                Week 2  (12-14-20 to 12-18-20)

Yea for a bit of snow and colder temperatures!

Practices this week will be  held at Scout Park. We will be finished every day  by 5PM. 

Our on trail practices will start after the break.

Dress for cold!  The park can be windy.  We have no shelter!

School district too cold to practice limit is below at 0 degrees.  This includes windchill.  If we have to cancel practice it will be announced at noon  on that day.  


Bring skis to school . The shed will be open before school. Put your ski boots in your locker in the school.

Ski at the park.  Getting to know my skis, learning basic technique.  Putting a little distance on our legs.


Ski if there is snow.  Be prepared to run if  the snow is worn out.  Bring your running shoes for just in case.


We understand if you cannot make it to practice. Please come if you can.  We will be working out not waxing .  Ski or run depending on the amount of snow etc.  Plan for this!

Things we are dealing with this year.

1. Masks  must be worn during practice.  With the cold air etc. they get wet.  You might want to consider bringing a spare mask.

2. For those of us with glasses... masks are a big pain in the fogged up face.  Does anybody have a solution to glasses fogging?  Also, like me the skiers have been taking off their glasses and putting them in a pocket.  This is not a good solution. In 2 days of practice we have lost 2 pair of glasses.  Parents please talk to your skier find a solution that works for you as to what to do with glasses.  

3. Skiers are discovering that skiing is thirsty work.  Please bring a water bottle to practice.  

4. Snacks are important.  Bring a snack that can be easily eaten during that time of check in and getting your equipment.  

5. Ski practice days are pretty much not changeable.  Why?  Starting after the break we will be riding the bus to Happy Jack.  There is only space for a finite amount of skiers and coaches on the bus.  (Transportation/COVID policies).  Parents cannot drive their skiers to the trails because ACSD 1 requires a health check in before getting on the bus.  

6. For skiers looking for more ski days.  There is a club ski team in town.  WHAT (Wyoming High Altitude Training)  It is race focused and as with all other clubs there is a fee.  (Contact:

7. Parents, if you have not done so.. Send in your  Coach Hamann ( your email  address to get on the main email chain.  We have a remind group as well.  Like the Scout Nordic facebook .

8. We will have no formal required  practices during the break.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Coach Hamann 

Welcome to the 20-21 Season of the Scout Nordic Ski Team!

This Blog Space is a place to find vital information about practices, meets and the general going on of the ski team.  Since COVID and all we will try to use this more and paper notices less. 

Important info:

1. You must  complete the online sign up before we can allow you to practice.

2. You must have all your "paperwork" turned in before you can practice with us.  

3. If  you have not figured out your equipment (Skis, boots, poles), you might be out of luck.  Equipment is very limited in town at Basecamp.  

Practice Dates and Times:

Skiers are expected to practice on the days they actually attend school.  (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday ) All skiers are welcome to Friday practices.  Homeschool, Online, Lab School, SRA, any other type of school I missed, you will practice on Tuesday/Thursday. 

All skiers practicing that day will check in at LMS.  All are required to have a temperature check and go through the COVID questions asked of them before they came to school that day.  (Administered  by a coach not at home.) Kids with high temps and not feeling well will be asked to go home and not practice.

         Because of COVID protocols and how we have to check in skiers this year, there will be no skiers allowed to meet us at practice or jump into a practice at Happy Jack.  

Practice Schedule the weeks of  December 7-11, 2020

All practices will be in town. Dress to be outside in the cold.  If we have snow we will ski at Scout Park if dry conditions we will be running and doing drills.

Monday (12-7-20)/Tuesday (12-8-20) --  Bring ski equipment to school. Store in the shed before school.   Practice, meet in the Tennis Court.  Get to  know you day.  Rules, expectations, COVID check in routine.  Gear Storage, ski equipment look through,  lockers etc.  No need for changing into work out clothes.  Dress  to be outside in the cold.

Wednesday(12-9-20)/Thursday (12-10-20) -- Dress to workout outside. No snow? Bring running shoes!   Practice will be outside. 

Friday (12-11-20) -- Practice at Scout Park.  Come to practice ready to go.  No changing at school.  Practice times are the same times as normal even though school is out a 11AM.  (We teachers are required to work until 3PM.) 

Other Import Info.

1. All practices in town are over at 5PM.  Parents please be punctual in picking up your skiers.  We have NO warm place to wait for you this year.  We have limited access to the school and  are not allowed to  have skiers wait in coaches cars.  

2. All ski equipment must be brought to school on the first day of the week for your skiers practice.  Stored in the equipment shed.  NO equipment shall be stored in the school.  NO equipment drop off will be allowed during the day at school.  And NO equipment means don't come to practice.  

3. We are working on a plan to be able to store school equipment, (Things used for the school day,) inside and safe while we are at practice.  We will not be taking large backpacks and computers on busses.  

4. School and classes come first.  Music Concert Season is now.  Please stay home from practice on concert night.  Go to your concert in the best form you can be in.  Concerts are graded and you must be passing your class to be eligible to be on ski team!

5. Parents please send Coach Hamann your email address. (  We have a group mass email for very important messages.  We use remind for quick messages.  ( to sign into our group text @laramiems  to 81010).  Like our facebook page Scout Nordic.

That is enough for now.  See you on the 7th.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Post 9- Lander

Week of February 10-15

This is it the last week of practice for this season.  so many great things have happened.  We are skiers all of us!

Monday -Wednesday Practice like normal.  All skiers welcome.  We will squish in tot he bus.  Skiers choice for skis.  Use what you will race on in Lander.

Thursday:  Wax skis at school, Clean the shed, put wax gear away.  If you are not going to the race on Saturday take your skis home!

Friday: 1/2 day of school.  No Practice.

Saturday: Middle School Championships -Freestyle- Beaver Creek Ski Trails on South Pass
South on Wyoming Highway 28 to mile post 51.5 where Beaver Creek crosses the highway.  You will see a parking lot on the right. Follow the hiking path under the highway and up the hill to the ski trails. Dress for the weather.  Concessions will be available at the start/finish. Race Start 1PM.

****This week we will be collecting a cash donation to buy thank you gifts for our team volunteers. (Trail groomers, race organizers, coaches.) If you would like to contribute please do so by Saturday.  Please do not feel obligated. 

******Please watch for an announcement about a team and family end of season banquet. 

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Post 8 Week of February 3-7, 2020

Toni and me 2019.  Please send me new pictures!
Casper was a great success.  The flu kept a few skiers home.  We are hoping all are well and ready for Lander in 2 weeks. 

I am super proud of the entire team.  Some skied very fast, some stretched themselves and skied the longer race, some skated a race for the first time!

Here is our plan for this week;

MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY we ski at Happy Jack.  Skate skis if you have them, if you don't come anyway.

FRIDAY NO PRACTICE.  No meet on Saturday to wax for.  There is no gym space for indoor practice.  We all could use a day to get grades up etc.

As we have only a handful of practices left this season.  Please come to as many as you can.  With kids struggling in classes and the flu we have had lower numbers of skiers on the bus than usual.  Again if you can come, we invite you to ski every day we have practice these last two weeks.

Lander February 15, 2020
As soon as I get info I will get it to you.

Watch for the date of our end of season celebration. 
As our season ends we need to thank our volunteers.  There has been some REMIND discussion of how to do this.  It was decided a collection of money would be great.  Then gift cards would be bought with that money.    This project is a free will project.  Parents please do not feel obligated.

Is there a parent willing to take this project on? Coaches are not to handle money.

 We finally got to Happy Jack and skied last week.  Snow conditions are still minimal at best even with this new snow recently.  It makes my...