Sunday, February 6, 2022

 Week 7

Can you believe it? This is our last week of  ski season.

We travel to Lander (South Pass) for our last meet of the year this Saturday 2-12-22

Predict a 6:45AM Bus load with getting on the road by 7:00AM and a later time home.

As far as we know the start time for the race is 1:00PM

We will not be taking or entering any Novice skiers.  This is a long bus ride, a long day and worthy of the long race.  If you go be prepared for a very technical long 3.5km course.  It is a Freestyle race.

We had a bunch of snacks left over from our trip to Casper, we will use them up going to Lander. 

Look for more information by mid week.


If you are not going to the meet.  Make sure to get all of your gear out of the shed on the last day you ski.  Friday after waxing we will pick up and put away our mess from the season.  


Practice this week is regular practice.  Hopefully we have busses and the weather cooperates.  Friday is a wax day for those going to the meet.  It really does your skis good to get your skis ready to race.  


We had some great trails, fast snow and great racers on Saturday in Casper.  As I have told the team the Casper trails were originally designed and built by my (Coach Hamann) father.  I could feel him smiling at all the skiers on Saturday.  


Weekly Awards

The Freeze your Fingers So Your Friend has Warm Hands Award: Jumana Ahmed

The Rapido Flocko No Taco Award: Flinn Arnold

The Family of Four Award:  Julep Gray

The Mary Poppins Backpack Award: Makayla Studyvin

The organize the wax day:  The 8th graders all who are our Captains for the year.

Sunday, January 30, 2022


News Flash! Pole Mountain Shuffle was invaded by costume wearing Middle School Nordic skiers.

The 2022 Pole Mountain Shuffle will go down in history as the most fun, best attended and fastest Medicine Bow Nordic Association 's fun race in a very long time.  Personally, from my coaches eyes I love the fun energy this event brought our kiddos.  They proved they can ski hard as well as get a little goofy!

I had an amazing encounter with a Citizen participant of this race. A mature man (mature like Coach Hamann).  He made a point to stop me looking for this teams coach. (What? I did not look like a coach in my Tigger pajamas?) He wanted to make sure the coach knew how much he enjoyed our team! He called us really good young skiers.  He then told me how polite and courteous and encouraging we were on the trail.  Parents, skiers, LMS you should be proud of all your little crazy dressed up critters!

On to this week:  Saturday, February 5, 2022 we travel to Casper!  Be warned this is an early bus load and departure.  (6:45 load, bus leaves at 7AM)  Watch for more information through the emails and Remind.  Requirements to travel with the team. 1) 9 Practices,  2) Passing your classes,  3) Physically healthy,  4) By Transportation requirements, we will have to wear a mask while on the bus.  This is a Freestyle Race-  meaning any ski technique is allowed.  There will be a 3KM and a Novice event.  If you get on the bus you will ski in the race.  

Practices this week!  Cross your fingers that we have enough bus drivers  to get us to Happy Jack.  Other than that we ski as usual, Monday - Thursday.  Friday will be a travel team meeting, and wax day.

A huge thank you note:  One of our team parents Matt Burkhart has been using his snow machine and borrowed equipment and packing the  LMS practice field  on the days we have needed to be in town. It has been a huge blessing to work technique and have quality practices close to home.  Please thank him if you see him.

Awards for this week:

10K Glutton For Punishment Award:  Jackson Craine

Team Leadership Award:  Entire 8th Grade 

Heart Award: Jumanna Ahmed 

Most Improved Technique: Audrey Olson

Sportsmanship Award:  The entire Team on Saturday!

Friday, January 21, 2022

 We have a very busy next 3 weeks.  3 Saturdays, 3 meets.  Hold on here we go!

January 29, 2022  Pole Mountain Shuffle

         5KM only, skiers may choose skate or classic.  It would be great if all skiers decided to ski this event.  You don't have to be fast, it is a huge accomplishment to ski a longer race.  COSTUMES are highly encouraged. (footy pajamas, capes, tutus.. ) Lets make this a fun day!  The rest of the season gets sort of serious. 

There is a google doc shared to the ScoutNordic  email, please take a look and decide on what technique your skier will be doing for this race.  If Your name is not on the list please add it.  

Also since this race is a MBNA race we need to have waivers for racers signed. Watch for this.  Signed waivers must be in a coaches hand to be able to ski this race,  There is no entry fee. Thx

Parents we need a few helpers.  This is a race for anybody to ski.  Parents, this might be a time for some friendly competition with your child.    Registration for non ski team members is on the MBNA website.

February 5, 2022  Casper 

February 12, 2022  Lander

These are long travel days but worth it!  Watch for race info.  

Starting this week we shift to skate skis for those who have them.  Keep coming if you have only classic skis.  The next 2 middle school races are what we call Freestyle (All ski techniques allowed.)

We are being very firm about following the School districts policy on wearing masks on longer rides in the bus. If your skier has a problem wearing a mask to our local ski trails he or she may want to think hard about traveling to Casper and Lander.  Parent transportation is very tricky and not encouraged.  To many variables in getting to the race course and finding our team. 

Practice days for the next three weeks.  Please stick to your assigned days.  If you need to change days or make up days you need to contact a coach before practice.  (Not 10 minutes before.) Unexpected kiddos will not be allowed on the bus.  We have to know who is traveling to practice.  Unexpected skiers take up bus space for those expected. 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Week 4

WOW! We had some great fun at our home meet. Thank you parents who helped out. We cannot do this type of an event without you! Our Scout Nordic Team did a great job on the trails! Some skied really fast, some finished a race for the first time. All did their team proud!

 As I observed over the past week I need to mention a few standout skiers: 
 The TRUE GRIT AWARD goes to Alex Specht. He skied the race placing in the top 10 and has only been on skis 3 days ever! 
The BEST DRESSED AWARD goes to Flynn Arnold. The fancy flag shorts he had on over his race tights helped him ski very fast!
 The HEART AWARD goes to James Specht for fighting through a very tough week and still skiing like a Champ. 
The LEADERSHIP AWARD goes to Alex Burkhart for taking the lead during practice and helping out his group. 
The WAX LIKE A CHAMP AWARD goes Sawyer Layson.

 We have had a bunch of others really step up and create team unity. A huge shout out to those 8th graders who organized Friday night waxing.

 Now to this week. 
  Monday - No School-No Practice 
 Tuesday- Thursday Practice at Happy Jack Home by 5:30PM
 Friday- No Waxing but we will ski in the park, Done by 5PM 
 This week will be a Classic Ski week. Next week we shall shift to Skating for those of you wanting to skate. 

 Parents, if you took pictures of your skiers racing, we would love a few for the yearbook. Send them to Coach Hamann or message them to the Scout Nordic Facebook page.

 There are a few pair of race tights left. They are 35$.. Contact Coach Hamann

 January 29, 2022  Pole Mountain Shuffle
 start time 10AM 
 This is a skiers choice for technique and a chance to ski a longer distance if you choose. 
 This race is a  race organized by the Medicine Bow Nordic Association. Parents, siblings, Whoever wants, can ski in it.

 Here is the link for more information: 
 Middle School Skiers will be entered you do not need to do that part yourself.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

 Week 3



Classic ski at Happy Jack


 Shed open before school



Classic Ski at Happy Jack

Shed open before school



Classic Ski at Happy Jack


Ski the racecourse



Classic Ski at Happy Jack


Ski the racecourse



Ski prep day at LMS


All racers are required to be here.  Leave when skis are done



Laramie Invite


Happy Jack


Start 12noon


Here is to one week on snow and some good practices.  Who would have predicted this crazy weather ad closed roads and all. 

We have a busy week ahead of us.  Practices and our first meet, The Laramie Invite.  Please watch for info specific to the Invite in another mailing. 

I have had some interesting conversations with some of our ski team members this past week.  Some say they do not want to race this race because it is a Classic (Non-Skating event).  I understand having a preference in techniques etc.  If your skier has a desire to Nordic Ski in high school, there is no choice.  A high school meet has both skating and classic involved and skiers have to be able to do both.  It is the Middle School season where we learn both skills. With that said I hope all skiers will decide to give this race a try. There are distances for both experienced and novice skiers.  Skiers with only skate skis will be waxed for classic skiing.  And expected to use the classic technique.  Skating in a Classic Race is disqualification.

Parents- we still have space for you to help with our meet.  

A note from Transportation- starting this Monday -masks or face coverings will be required while riding an activity  or sport bus. All skiers will need a mask while on the bus to and from practice.  Please plan according and put a mask in with your ski gear. 

Attached is an order blank for scout Nordic T-shirts and beanies, the date on the order blank says due the  10th but we are extending this to next Friday the 14th.  These shirts run large.  


There are a select pairs of LMS Lightning tights left.  They are 35$  sizes Adult Sm and Adult Med. 

First come first serve. Checks to Fancy Pant. Let Coach Hamann know if you want a pair.


Monday, November 29, 2021

 Post 1 of the 2021-22 Ski season

Here is the info handed out at the parent/skier meeting.  If you are reading this for the first time it is full of good stuff.  Most important email Coach Hamann with contact info you want added to the Scout Nordic email list.  This will keep you in the know for all things Scout Nordic! Join our Remind Team APP.  This is what will be used for quick team communications like stuck busses or cancelled practices.

We start Practice on December 13, 2021

We will meet in the LMS Cafeteria.  No equipment needed, do dress out to practice in Scout Field.  (Running Shoes, Workout clothes, hat and gloves) 

Tuesday and Wednesday of this first week we will need ski poles only. NO SKIS (Unless there is 6 inches of snow  to ski in the park) Please dress out to run in the park

Thursday  the 16th.  Bring Skis, boots, poles to school as well as running gear.  We will be labeling equipment and learning how to wax, etc.

Friday the 17th   NO PRACTICE

Watch for a few come if you can practice days through out the Winter break.  These are very casual and fun but very beneficial of you are just learning how to ski.  Plus they are in the daylight!

See you on the 13th!    Think Snow!!!

 Laramie Middle School Nordic Team 2021-22




Chris Hamann: 307-760-2797 (text please),

Michelle Petty:

Evan Townsend:



Goals for the season:

Understanding that every skier starts the season at their own unique ability level, every skier will: 1) Grow in ski techniques, 2) obtain a working knowledge of training and racing, 3) maintain their own equipment, 4) be a contributing member of the Scout Nordic Team.


Equipment needs:

Nordic skis, boots, poles

Must have classic skis, may have both classic and skate skis



Clothing Needs:

Just like for any other sport, dressing out for skiing is expected.  Be ready for the bus with ski clothes on. Wind or snow pants, warm shirt, jacket, hat, gloves, wool or warmer socks in boots.) Jeans will NOT be allowed. They do not allow for movement and are cold.



ACSD 1 Requirements

These forms must be on file before your skiers first practice:

1)      Sports Physical (Need only one a year)

2)      Code of Conduct

3)      Complete online registration for ACSD

4)      Home School Athletes please check with athletic secretary. You may need something else.







The more time on snow the better!  

 We understand that Middle School is a busy time and some days a week you might have other commitments.   We require a skier commitment of practice two (2) days and Fridays out of the week.   




Practices Times:

Monday- Thursday practice times: 3:20 -5:30PM 

(Transport to Happy Jack Ski Trails)

              Be dressed and ready to load at modular classrooms by 3:20PM. This means clothes changed, skis in hand.  Home to the same place at 5:30PM. 


Friday:  3:20 to 5PM (Scout Field, conditioning, stretching, ski wax day)


First week of practice will be held at LJHS at Scout Park. (Meet in at the tennis courts, 3:20 PM to 5:PM) Dress to be outside.


Music students: You may have conflicts with practice and concerts.  GO TO YOUR CONCERT! Stay home from practice that day.  Choir, Band, Orchestra are graded classes, sports of any kind are optional.



1)      Optional.  We do not require you race.  If you travel to a race you must participate!

                 Long days but fun. So worth the training and work.

2)      Must have 9 practices

3)      Must be passing all your classes!


Race Schedule:

January 15, 2022 --- Laramie (3.5km Classic)

January 29, 2022—Pole Mountain Shuffle, Laramie

February 5, 2022—Casper (3.5KM Freestyle)

February 12, 2022— Lander, Middle School Championships (3.5KM Freestyle)


Stay Connected:

---Facebook Page: Scout Nordic                

 --- Blog:

---Remind: Scout Nordic 21 (    or  text 81010 text this message @scoutnor)




Parent Information


Parent Name_____________________________________


Phone Numbers_________________________________________


Emails (Included in Mass mailing list)


Sunday, February 7, 2021

 Middle School Championships Here We Come!

WOW!  The Lander trip was the day that never ended!  Your skiers did very well in those very trying times!  They skied very well as well!  

This Saturday, February 13,  is the last race of the season.  Casper Mountain here we come! I don't see any major weather events to get in our way of getting there and back in good time. Watch for more info but we should expect to load at 7Am and be on the road by 7:30AM .  Race info has our start at NOON.  We will stop and let your kiddos get fast food in Casper before heading home.  We can expect to be home before 6PM! (Pray all goes as planned and we don't have to drive across the state to get home!)   Please prepare yourselves for the longer race if you do race! All on our team are welcome to go and compete.  We will not be signing up for the short race.  You all can ski the longer race easily. 

Practice this week!  With early release of students on Friday.  Our practice schedule for our last week will be modified!

Monday/Tuesday:  Same thing as usual.  Bring your skis you plan on racing on.

Wednesday:  Practice for all.  We have 2 busses.  We will stop and get you if you usually practice on Thursday.   Take your equipment home if you are not going to the race.  

Thursday:  Ski prep for those going to Casper.  At the shed.  Done by 5.  You are free to go home when you are done.  

This has been a great, crazy, low snow ski season.  Please continue to ski.  See you next year either as a Scout or when you are skiing as a Plainsman!

 Week 7 Can you believe it? This is our last week of  ski season. We travel to Lander (South Pass) for our last meet of the year this Saturd...