Sunday, February 9, 2020

Post 9- Lander

Week of February 10-15

This is it the last week of practice for this season.  so many great things have happened.  We are skiers all of us!

Monday -Wednesday Practice like normal.  All skiers welcome.  We will squish in tot he bus.  Skiers choice for skis.  Use what you will race on in Lander.

Thursday:  Wax skis at school, Clean the shed, put wax gear away.  If you are not going to the race on Saturday take your skis home!

Friday: 1/2 day of school.  No Practice.

Saturday: Middle School Championships -Freestyle- Beaver Creek Ski Trails on South Pass
South on Wyoming Highway 28 to mile post 51.5 where Beaver Creek crosses the highway.  You will see a parking lot on the right. Follow the hiking path under the highway and up the hill to the ski trails. Dress for the weather.  Concessions will be available at the start/finish. Race Start 1PM.

****This week we will be collecting a cash donation to buy thank you gifts for our team volunteers. (Trail groomers, race organizers, coaches.) If you would like to contribute please do so by Saturday.  Please do not feel obligated. 

******Please watch for an announcement about a team and family end of season banquet. 

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Post 8 Week of February 3-7, 2020

Toni and me 2019.  Please send me new pictures!
Casper was a great success.  The flu kept a few skiers home.  We are hoping all are well and ready for Lander in 2 weeks. 

I am super proud of the entire team.  Some skied very fast, some stretched themselves and skied the longer race, some skated a race for the first time!

Here is our plan for this week;

MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY we ski at Happy Jack.  Skate skis if you have them, if you don't come anyway.

FRIDAY NO PRACTICE.  No meet on Saturday to wax for.  There is no gym space for indoor practice.  We all could use a day to get grades up etc.

As we have only a handful of practices left this season.  Please come to as many as you can.  With kids struggling in classes and the flu we have had lower numbers of skiers on the bus than usual.  Again if you can come, we invite you to ski every day we have practice these last two weeks.

Lander February 15, 2020
As soon as I get info I will get it to you.

Watch for the date of our end of season celebration. 
As our season ends we need to thank our volunteers.  There has been some REMIND discussion of how to do this.  It was decided a collection of money would be great.  Then gift cards would be bought with that money.    This project is a free will project.  Parents please do not feel obligated.

Is there a parent willing to take this project on? Coaches are not to handle money.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

POST 7 Week of  January 27- February 1

First off thank you parents, Laramie High School Nordic, Medicine Bow Nordic Association, Medicine Bow Ski Patrol and all who helped with our race.  All I heard was how smooth things were going and how nice it was of a day for our kids.  Laramie Middle School skied very well!  You all did a great job! Parents if you have pictures you might want to share, I would be glad to have a few.  So would the Yearbook class for LMS.

Monday 1-27-20

Skate or race technique
Tuesday 1-28-20

Ski the trails
Skate if you want
Wednesday 1-29-20

Distance skate
Or ski the trails

Ski the trails or game day
Friday 1-31-20

Special Olympics
(See Info below)

Wax for Casper
Saturday 2-1-20

Van Jacobsen Memorial
Start time 1PM

As you can see, we are now into our skate portion of the season.  You can still come if you do not have skate skis or if you just do not want to skate.  The next two races are FREESTYLE meaning you can choose your technique.  Skating is usually faster.  You will not get disqualified if you choose to classic a race.
Friday, January 31, 2020
Laramie Area Special Olympics
11AM to 3PM

7th and 8th grade skiers are invited to help with the Laramie Area Special Olympics.  You will be timing, setting up the course, skiing or snowshoeing on relays and helping with athletes. 
This is not a school sponsored event.  You must have a prearranged absence on file by Thursday, January 30, 2020.
If you are wanting to volunteer, please tell Coach Hamann. 
We do have bus transportation and lunch will be provided by Special Olympics. 
Coach Hamann will open the wax shed for after we get down to work on skis for the race.

Dress very warm.  Bring extra warm clothes.  

Saturday, February 1, 2020
Van Jacobsen Memorial
3km Freestyle
Casper Mountain Nordic Center
This is open to all LMS skiers.  All you need in your 9 practices.  You can decide what technique is best for you.   

Bus Loads at 8:30 from LMS.
Expected time home 6:30-7:00PM
Watch for more info this week.
Watch for a sign up for snacks.
Start of the new semester and all.  The coaches received a rather long list of skiers not eligible to ski unless they get their grades up.  There is a form that must be signed and turned in to the coaches before we can allow your skier to travel.  No paperwork, no getting on the bus!  Please check powerschool.  Please take the days you are not skiing this week to get schoolwork done.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Post 6 Laramie Invite Week

Week ending in 1-25-20 Laramie Invite Week!


Skate and learn to skate day!

Skate and learn to skate day

Classic Day
Ski the racecourse
Ski Prep for Invite
All Skiing must attend this practice!

Done at 5Pm
Laramie Invite
See write up in Blog

1-25-20 Laramie Invite
This is a classic race. Open to any LMS SKIER who has 9 practices.
Start Time Noon
Interval Start: 1 Skier at a time every 15 seconds.
Happy Jack Ski Trails – Same start area as the Mind Bender. Please dress to be out in the weather.
Bus for skiers will leave at 9:30 from LMS giving us plenty of time to get skis waxed and skiers warmed up.
PARKING FOR SPECTATORS:  You will be directed to park at the Summit Rest Area. A bus shuttle will take you to the ski trails.  It will be making loops from 10AM until 2PM. Parking at Tie City will be reserved for race officials, busses and team vans.
Special Olympics will have a concession table. Hot drinks and snacks. They are asking for a free will donation.
Parents, Adults, High School Skiers we have open spaces for volunteering.  We need your help to host the best race possible.

Special Olympics
Open to 7th and 8th Grade skiers
We will be officiating, setting up and helping special athletes with their competition.
Leave LMS at 11AM back at 3PM
Special Olympics will provide lunch (Sub sandwiches cookies, water)
This is not a school sponsored event.  You must have a prearranged absence to do this.
Please tell a Coach if you are interested in helping.

Casper Invite-Skate 3.5Km
As We get info, we will share it!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Post 5 January 13-18, 2020

LMS Skier in Lander 2019

Well done at the Mid Bender!  I think all had fun. Got a race under their belt and did well! Parents if you took pictures, can you share them with Coach Hamann.  They might go on Facebook or in the blog so no names please.  Results for this event can be found at  look for the Mindbender
We have had come confusion about splitting the teams for practice.  This on because we have only one bus to transport us.  No other reason.  Monday/ Wednesday/Friday Race focused – come prepared to work hard.    Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday casual paced learn how to ski or just ski focused. 
We are asking all Skiers right now to pick their days and stick with them.  

We have a busy week ahead of us.

Practice- Race specific team.   Drills and conditioning day

Ski the trails day
Casual Team day

5:45PM (Right after Practice) Parent or interested person, planning meeting for our home meet.  LMS Cafeteria

Race specific Day
Technique day

Casual Thursday
Ski the trails


For those going to Antelope Butte

Ski prep day.  Be ready to spend some quality time waxing!

Done by 5PM

Antelope Butte Classic

There will be specific info to the travel team by Wednesday.

Travel team for Sheridan was posted.  Here it is again.  (This is the only time we limit racers. Every other race open for any interested Scout Skier!)

When deciding this team, we took in consideration 4 important things. 1) Time Trial participation and times, 2) Amount of practices participated in. 3) Attitude at practice and 4) bus behavior just from town to the hill and back.  This is a long trip on a crowded bus. A venue we have never skied at before and a large field of skiers.

For this week only!  This list of skiers is encouraged to ski at least 3 days this week and Friday wax day is Mandatory!

Here is our team:

1.       Caroline Bredhoft
2.       Rowan Taff
3.       Nadia Field
4.       Alexa Nashgold
5.       Maddie Schneider
6.       Laura Brand
7.       Eliza Fay
8.       Zeren Homer
9.       Colleen Somerfeld
10.   Maggie Miller

1.       Darin Binnning
2.       Eli Jones
3.       Giddeon Moore
4.       T.J. Nunnaly
5.       Jack Voos
6.       Colby Blumel
7.       Sawyer Conklin
8.       Ryan Dennis
9.       Matthew Pikal
10.   Asa Smith
11.   Nathan Soule
12.   Ezra Visser
13.   Fischer Frude
14.   Jed Duncan
15.   Carson Krueger
16.   James Specht
Alternate (If someone cannot go, he will be asked to fill their spot) 
Carson Polson

Watch for more details for this trip to come very soon. 

Up and coming events:
January 25, 2020
Laramie Invite – 3.75 KM classic event
WE need skiers to ski and parents to help this is the big serious race for the year.  Planning meeting Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 5:45 or right after practice.

Friday, January 31, 2020
Laramie Area Special Olympics 11AM to 3:30 PM
Open to all 7th and 8th grade skiers who have a desire to be timers, course makers, relay partners, helpers when needed etc.   This is not a school or team sponsored event. Meaning you must have parent permission at the attendance office to do this.  Please let Coach Hamann if you are interested.  More info to come.

February 1, 2020 Casper Invite 3.5km Skate
February 15, 2020 Lander 3.5KM skate

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Post 4 January 6-11, 2020

Welcome to 2020!
Skiing Coach Hamann's 2019 mile in 2019.  Yep it was done in my pajamas!

Now on to the craziness of the next 7 weeks.

As I reported before the  break we now have only one bus per practice.  This means we have to ask skiers to commit to either Monday/Wednesday/ Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/ Friday.

Monday/ Wednesday- will be focused on racing.  This means harder workouts, technique and a focused day.  Please come to practice  with the mind set of listening to the coaches, doing the workout and getting faster! Those thinking of not participating in these practices will be asked to come on the other days for practice.

Tuesday/Thursday- These days will be focused on skiing trails, exploring the surroundings and having a more casual day.  This is for you if you never plan on going to a race or do not care to get faster. 

Fridays will be spent in town working on skis. If you plan on going to the race it is a required practice.

I believe that racing is great fun!  There is also great value in just being outside skiing and enjoying yourself.  Parents please talk to your kiddos.  Which days are the best for them.  After Tuesday we will be placing those team members on appropriate teams if they do not voice an opinion.

By school rules. Any skier who has 9 practices can go to a meet. So if you ski on the casual team and decide to try a meet you are welcome! Come to meets with the idea of  doing your best, representing the team with good sportsmanship and all that.

Our January is packed with adventure! 
Saturday, January 11, 2020-- Pole Mountain Mind Bender  -- Start Time Noon
Classic skis or both
Inter squad fun time trial.  All LMS  skiers are encouraged to try it.  It counts as a practice not a meet.
Bus Pick up at 10:30AM  at school back to school by 2:30PM at the latest. 

We do need parent help to put this on.  Timers, Start and finish line organizers, And we have 7 stations out on the course that need adult eyes.

Saturday, January 18, 2020- Antelope Butte- Classic
Only taking 1 bus and only 30 skiers. 
Ability to go will depend on 1) Attitude at practice 2) Must be able to ski 4KM 3) Behavior on the bus to and from practice.  4) Commitment to being at practice.

I do not have all the info for this race.  When I get it I will pass it on.

January 25, 2020-Laramie Middle School Invite -Classic
Start time noon
LMS leaves the school at 10AM Home around 2:30

This is going to be  a huge event.  If all teams come there will be over 300 racers.  We need parent help.  The Mind Bender would be  great training ground for timing and start/finish line routines.  Please watch for a volunteer meeting date.

January 31, 2020- Laramie Area Special Olympics
11AM to 3:30PM
Open to 7 and 8th graders
LMS skiers will be setting up the course, timing, buddy skiing or snowshoeing, and helping Special Athletes.  This is volunteer, not required and a great way to give back to the community.
This is not a school sponsored event and must have parent permission to skip school.
Watch for more info.

Week of  1-6-2020 to 1-11-2020 Schedule


Monday 1-6-2020
Bring Equipment to School.  The Shed will be open before school to put skis away.
Race focused practice.  Come ready to work hard!

Tuesday 1-7-2020
Bring equipment to school. The shed will be open before school.
Ski the trails day

Wednesday 1-8-2020
Race focused day--Technique drills

Thursday 1-9-2020
Ski the trails day

Friday 1-10-2020
Ski wax and prep for all skiers
Check out uniforms etc.
Team talk about race expectations

Saturday 1-11-2020
Mind Bender

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Post 3

Classic Ski Day
Happy Jack
Home at 5:30PM
Classic Ski Day
Happy Jack
Home at 5:30PM

Continue Classic for the beginners.  Skate day for all others.

Happy Jack
Home at 5:30PM

 Christmas Ski Challenges
Skis of choice for all but beginners.  Beginners Classic

Happy Jack

Home by 5:30PM

No Practice

Above is the schedule for the week.

Some things to remember.

1)      Buses load and unload in the parking lot by the tennis courts. 
2)      Please send appropriate winter clothes every day. It is usually 10-15 degrees colder at the ski area than in town.
3)      Electronics and instruments can be locked in the school on the orchestra room.  The bus is crowded.  Things get stepped on and broken.  The safe place for your tablet is in the school! You cannot get to your school locker after practice.  
4)      Please send a snack for your skier to eat on the bus or before loading.  A water bottle is also a good idea.
5)      Parents please try to be as punctual as possible after practice.  We, coaches have to stay until the last skier is picked up.
 )      MOST IMPORTANT!!  If your skier does not have all paperwork turned in to the office, they cannot get on the bus to go to practice.

Parents if you wish to ski with the team as a volunteer you must fill out a volunteer application at the main office. The office will let us know when you have been cleared to help!  Thanks. 

Practices over the break:
We will offer two days of practices over the break.  They are not mandatory but if you have skiers that need to get out…. They will count toward the nine required practices before the first meet.  Tuesday 12/31/19, time 12:30PM to 3PM and Thursday 1-2-20 same times.  

Shirt and Tight orders are due  January 19, 2019 (No Practice on the 20th)


Laramie  High School hosts their meet this weekend December 20, 21, 2019  go watch then and cheer on the Plainsmen!. 

Post 9- Lander

Week of February 10-15 This is it the last week of practice for this season.  so many great things have happened.  We are skiers all of us...