Sunday, January 13, 2019

January 14 to 18, 2019

I am a proud Fire Tight Wearing Coach!  Every skier we took to Lander skied their hardest, cheered for others and conducted themselves in a manner complementing to Laramie Middle School!  We had fast skiers, first time racers and those who did not know it, but could have skied in the short race but did not. It was a great time! Great Day!

January 14-18, 2019 Schedule
Lets switch things up a bit.  Lets skate.  Beginners and all. We need a change and it is time to learn.  If all you have is classic skis, that is OK!  We have plans for you as well!  

Monday-Thursday we ski at Happy Jack.
                                     Friday- Yoga and core at LMS  (I promise minimal running!)

Important Changes:
We as coaches have decided we want more on snow time for all.  We are inviting all skiers to come to practice any and all days of the week.  Monday/Wednesday will focus on training and racing.  Tuesday/Thursday will have a more casual feel.  Please do not feel obligated to come to every practice.  If all you can manage is your original assigned team days, that is great! Come to those.   We understand life is busy with other activities. 

We still only have one bus for practice.  Expect it will be full!


Laramie Invite
January 26, 2019
There will be a planning meeting for this meet.  Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 5:45 PM  in the LMS Cafeteria.
Any person interested in helping out, PLEASE JOIN US!

There are a bunch of details to go over.
We expect the same number of skiers as the last race in Lander.


Laramie Special Olympics
Scout Nordic has had the opportunity for the past 5 years to host the local Special Olympic Winter Games.  We are going to do it again this year. Our skiers set up the course, time the events, cheer, race with  athletes and make this afternoon great for Special Athletes.  We have 3 on our team that will compete in these games.

Friday, January 25, 2019
Load bus at 11:00AM Home around 3PM (in time to wax skis for the Invite)
Coach Hamann buys pizza lunch for all who get on the bus.
7th and 8th graders only. 

This is not a LMS sponsored event.  You must have parent permission on file in the attendance office and prearrange your missed work.  


Upcoming Events

January 25, 2019-Special Olympics: Happy jack
January 26, 2019-Laramie Invite: Happy Jack
February 9, 2019- Cowboy State Games, Casper: Mountain Biathalon Venue
February 16, 2019- Middle School Championships: Casper Mountain Nordic Trails 


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Lander Middle School Invite

First, thanks to all who helped at the Mind Bender.  It is a great way to break our young racers in to ski meets.  Please thank the Medicine Bow Nordic Association for the grooming and Dan Lewis for all his help with timing, set up and dealing with Coach Hamann.

This weeks practices:
 Monday through Thursday: Classic, Classic, Classic, Classic
Lander is a Classic Race!

If you need to make up practices to get your required 10.  Come every day!

Friday is  required for all going to the meet.  We will be in the wax shed prepping our skis. All skis need to be glide waxed, even so called waxless skis. We will be done by 5PM in order to go to bed early to get up early and leave.  If you are not going to the meet you have the day off!

Coach Hamann will be submitting entries to the race on Tuesday evening (January 8, 2019).  Contact her if you are NOT going to be able to go.

Lander Middle School Nordic Race - January 12, 2019
6:15AM- Load the Bus
6:30AM- Bus leaves with whoever is on it.  Travel to Beaver Creek Ski Trails on South Pass
11AM - Hike to ski trails from parking lot as a team.  Warm Up/Wax
12 Noon – First racer out.  Interval starts.  One at a time . 
2PM Awards- Load the bus
2:30PM Leave for Laramie
6:30PM- 7PM Estimated time home
What to Bring:
*Classic Skis, Boots, Poles
*Warm Jacket, Gloves, Hat
*Get on the bus dressed to ski.  We will go straight to the ski trails. You can take layers off for travel.
*Warm comfy clothes for the trip home.
*Things to do on the bus.  (Books, Markers, I pads, earphones, etc.)
* Large lunch or snacks and a lunch.  (No sodas before the race!!)
*Water bottle
* Money, (we will stop on the way home and allow skiers to buy snacks, there will be concessions at the ski trails.)   Coaches are not responsible for money or loss of money.
How to dress for a meet:
·       Legs -One warm base layer, Fire Tights, warm wind proof pants to wear over all before and after your race. Or base layer and snow pants.
·       Upper body- base layer, LMS jersey (you bought one or we will pass what we have out) another warm layer or warm jacket. 
·       Hat, gloves
 Beaver Creek is very cold and without shelter.  Warm layers are a must! We will make a team camp that warm clothes can be left at while you race. 
We are representing Laramie Middle School, not only at the meet but the entire day.  Please conduct yourselves in ways that reflect well on this school, team, your family and yourself.  
Parents: If you plan to go and can ski.  There is a need for course marshals and help with the race.  If you are interested let Coach Hamann know and I will tell race organizers.

If you have a team shirt that you did not turn in last year.... Please wear it or bring it back to be handed out to other skiers.  

This is a lot of info.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Mind Bender

This week:  December 26, 2018 to January 5, 2109

Thursday, December 27, 2018--- Practice for those who want to come. Bus loads at 9AM at LMS, back by Noon.   Skiers choice of skis.

Friday, December 29, 2018--- Practice for those who want to come.  Bus loads at 9AM at LMS, back by Noon.  Skiers Choice for skis.

Friday, January 4, 2019 --- 9AM to 11:00AM wax room open for those who need to wax before the Mind Bender. 

Saturday, January 5, 2109---MIND BENDER SKI EVENT-- Bus loads at 10AM home around 2PM.
This is an entire team event. Beginner to advanced.  You do not need your full 10 practices to participate.   We expect the entire team to come and participate.  Let Coach Hamann know if you will NOT be there.  Entries will be done by Jan. 3, 2019.

*Bring both sets of skis if you have them.  (Names on all equipment)
* Snack and water. Or lunch and water.
*Warm jacket to wear before and after the race.
*Backpack to carry your stuff in.

The start is about 1/2 mile from the parking lot.  Parents you are welcome to walk on the side of the trails to the start/finish. Please stay out of groomed tracks.

There is always a need for parental help. Parents are welcome to ride the bus and avoid the parking lot traffic jam at Tie City.

Typo and change of date for Cowboy State Games
Should be: Saturday, February 9, 2019  Not Friday, February 8, 2019
     All other info is correct.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Week of December 17 -22, 2018
We start practice at Happy Jack.  
This week classic skiing! (Coach Hamann’s favorite thing in the whole world!)
 Monday Thru Thursday the  bus leaves LMS at 3:20PM.  Be ready and waiting at the Bus Loading zone by the modular class  rooms.  We aim to be home at 5:30PM  Pick up is the same place. 

Friday:  Both teams Practice at LMS : Finished at 5PM

Please see the attached list of how the teams have been split. 

It is really important that you let a coach know if you will miss a practice.  We need to  know who is going to be on that bus every day.

 Practises thru the break.
We have three ski dates during the break.  These do count toward your 10 needed for competition at the same time we understand you might have other plans and cannot make these. 
Any parent wanting to join us or help out would be greatly appreciated as coaching staff will  be limited.
Saturday December 22, 2108
Thursday, December 27, 2018
Saturday, December 29, 2018
Transportation is provided.  The Bus Loads from LMS at 9AM .  We will be home at Noon. Every time!

Mind Bender—Challenge Race
January 5, 2018
Start time: Noon Sharp
Bus leaves LMS at 10:00AM-  Home around 2PM
This race is for the entire team.  Please plan on being there.  You do not need 10 practises to participate. 
We are looking for 10 devious minded parents who can help us  man stations on the course.  (Let coach Hamann know!)

Keep In Touch
Face Book: Scout Nordic
Remind APP for your phone:  Class to look up is LMSNO
Coach Hamann : 307-760-2797  or

Team Assignments:

Black team  Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
Orange team Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Changes can be made.  Contact Coach Hamann

Last Name First Name Grade Team
Anderson Danica 6 Black
Atencio Bobby 6 Black
Austin Snowberger 6 Black
Avalos Christin 7 Black
Boyer Kaiser 6 Black
Cabrera Brian 7 Black
Campbell Annlyn 8 Black
Core Avery 7 Black
Cox Jackson 6 Black
Dragojevic Zadyn 7 Black
Eliason David 8 Orange
Field Nadia 6 Black
Gill Alyssa 6 Black
Gill Madison 6 Black
Gonzales James 8 Black
Hawkins Dalley 7 Black
Homer Zeren 7 Black
Hurt Gwen 8 Black
Jenkins  Taylor 7 Black
Jimerson Jayce 8 Black
Keen Annika 6 Black
Maki Elijah 6 Black
Matlock Marley 7 Black
Moore  Morgan 7 Black
Mukai Anna 7 Black
Nunnaley Terry 6 Black
Ortega-Leyba Antonio 6 Black
Peterson Hannah 6 Black
Piri Selma 6 Black
Ray James 8 Black
Rose Nicholas 6 Black
Sailer Marek 7 Black
Schieicher Alaric 7 Black
Selliah Mariana 6 Black
Siuda Emily 8 Black
Thomas Chloe 8 Black
Ward Dennis 6 Black
Watkins Anna 8 Black
Watkins Anna 8 Black
Weisman Andrew 6 Black
Williams Heather 7 Black
Yeigh Jackson 7 Black
Bohlender Donavan 6 Orange
Baker Gavin 8 Orange
Bluemel Colby 7 Orange
Branch Mason 8 Orange
Brand Laura 7 Orange
Bredehoft Caroline 6 Orange
Campbell David 7 Orange
Canen Noah 8 Orange
Conklin Saywer 7 Orange
Coulter Eli 6 Orange
Dealyn Robinson 6 Orange
Dennis Ryan 7 Orange
Dickison Donavan 6 Orange
Fay Eliza 7 Orange
Field Max 7 Orange
Frude Fisher 6 Orange
Gelwicks Morgan Orange
Gosar Jacob 6 Orange
Gray Emmit 8 Orange
Greenwald Ian 8 Orange
Hennen David 8 Orange
Hines Rpbyn 6 Orange
Kaiser Sam 7 Orange
Kaligis Cooper 8 Orange
Kinghorn Kayden 7 Orange
Klinger Cooper 8 Orange
Kricken Amanda 6 Orange
Lewis Drake 6 Orange
McIrvin Kathryn 8 Orange
Moore Gideon 6 Orange
Nicholson Henry 7 Orange
Oler Jonathon 6 Orange
Perez Fabio 6 Orange
Pikal Matthew 7 Orange
Pikal Michael 8 Orange
Quillian Austin 8 Orange
Robinson Quinn 7 Orange
Rose John 8 Orange
Rucinski Jeremy 8 Orange
Rucinski kelton 8 Orange
Schnieder Madeline 6 Orange
Siniki Cameron 8 Orange
Sliger Michael 6 Orange
Sommerfield Colleen 7 Orange
Soule Nathan 7 Orange
Voos Jack 6 Orange
Woelk Wolf 6 Orange
Shuman Eleneaor 6 Orange
Kricken Cole 7 Orange

Monday, November 26, 2018

Welcome to the 2018-19 Scout Nordic Team!

Welcome to the 2018-19 Scout Nordic team.  I hope you are ready for a great season! We have snow on the trails!

If you missed the parent meeting on November 29,  2018 (5:30pm  in the LMS Cafeteria)  here is the info that was handed out.

                            Laramie Middle School Nordic Team 2019

Chris Hamann
307.760.2797 (Text if possible)

Joel Kropf

Michelle Petty

Goals for the season:
Understanding that every skier starts the season at their own unique ability level, every skier will: 1) Grow in ski techniques, 2) obtain a working knowledge of training and racing, 3) maintain their own equipment, 4) be a contributing member of the Scout Nordic Team.

Equipment needs:
Nordic skis, boots, poles
Must have classic skis, may have both classic and skate skis
Skis can be rented at Base Camp down town. 

Clothing Needs:
Just like for any other sport, dressing out for skiing is expected.  Be ready for the bus with ski clothes on.  (Wind or snow pants, warm shirt, jacket, hat, gloves, wool or warmer socks in boots.) Jeans will NOT be allowed.  They do not allow for movement and are cold.

Team shirts will be provided for races.

ACSD 1 Requirements
These forms must be on file before your skiers first practice:
1)      Sports Physical (Need only one a year)
2)      Code of Conduct
3)      On Line registration complete
4)      Home School Athletes please check with Miss Martin at the front desk.  She may need more from you.

You must be passing all your classes to participate in a meet.

Team Composition
Because of the large total numbers of skiers, limited coaching and transportation we divide the team into two equal teams.
1)      Orange Team: Practice dates Monday, Wednesday and Friday
This team will focus on race techniques, and race training. It is for the more advanced skier.

2)      Black Team:  Practice dates Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Focus on beginner skier or recreational skier who does not want to race but wants to learn to ski.

All skiers may participate in meets after meeting the statewide 10 practice rule.

Monday- Thursday practice times: 3:20 -5:30PM 
(Transport to Happy Jack Ski Trails)
              Be dressed and ready to load at modular classrooms by 3:20PM. This means clothes changed, skis in hand.  Home to the same place at 5:30PM. 

Friday for both teams:  3:20 to 5PM (Scout Field, LMS weight room
              Conditioning, stretching, ski wax day)

First week of practice will be held at LJHS at Scout Park. (Meet in the Cafeteria, 3::20 PM to 5:PM) Dress to be outside.

Music students: You may have conflicts with practice and concerts.  GO TO YOUR CONCERT! Stay home from practice that day.  Choir, Band, Orchestra are graded classes, sports of any kind are optional.

Race Schedule:
January 5, 2019 ---Mind Bender – Happy Jack

January 12, 1019—Lander (3.5KM Classic)
January 26, 2019—Laramie (3.5KM Classic)
February 8, 2018—Cowboy State Games, Casper (3.5KM Freestyle)
February 16, 2018—Middle School Championships (3.5KM Freestyle)

Stay Connected:
Facebook Page: Scout Nordic            
Remind:  LMS Nordic

December 10-14 Outline

Monday, December 10  - Dress for inside workout (Shorts, gym shoes, t-shirts) No ski equipment necessary
Tuesday, December 11-  Need Poles, dress to be outside but moving
Wednesday, December 12- Need poles, dress to be outside
Thursday, December 13-- Need all equipment, dress to be outside
Friday, December 14--  Need all equipment, dress to be outside

* ALL practices this week will be in town*
**If we get a bunch of snow in town, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday we will be skiing in the park! Monday/Wednesday we will be inside**
***Practices this week will be over at 5PM!  Please pick up your skier in back by the tennis courts)***

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Final Week of this Season

LMS should be very proud of it's Nordic Team.  We skied hard, were great sports and represented our school very well this past week.

Skiers choice for skis
Skiers choice for skis
Classic Ski
Classic Ski
Wax/Prep for Lander
End of Season Banquet
Middle School Nordic Championships
Lander, WY

Hold on for a busy week. We have only 4 on snow afternoons left.  Practice Friday is a must for any skier racing on Saturday. 

End of Season Banquet (Pot Luck)
Friday, February 16, 2108 (This is the official date)
5:30PM after practice to 7PM
Please watch for a google doc to sign up on or bring a dish to share.  This is what it says.  Families are invited.  Come celebrate your children and this accomplishment of surviving this team!
6th Grade Families bring a main dish to share
7th Grade Families bring a side dish to share
8th Grade families bring a dessert to share
Coaches will provide paper products and drinks

Middle School Championship
Venue: Beaver Creek Nordic Trails (On South Pass)
Distance/Technique:  3.25 KM Classic
Start Time: Noon
LMS will be providing Lunch!  We will take a detour into town and buy sub sandwiches after the meet. If you need specialized food, please bring your own.

Friday after waxing we will be cleaning the wax barn, tearing down our home for the past few months and packing up our gear to store until next year.  You need to take all your gear home!

Cross Country Connection Ski rental due date March 30, 2018!

January 14 to 18, 2019

  I am a proud Fire Tight Wearing Coach!  Every skier we took to Lander skied their hardest, cheered for others and conducted them...