Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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If you have not done so.. Take your gear home.  Talk to Miss Petty or Mr. Kropf to locate your stuff.

Please return your borrowed Ski Shirt (You will know it says LJHS NORDIC)

Coach Shea borrowed my camera and recorded the last meet for us! Enjoy!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Championship Week

It is so amazing how far this team has come this year.  We are all skiers!  What we could accomplish at the beginning of the year is now a just a warm up! Skiers who were struggling to learn to skate, raced very well this last week!  My babies are all growing up!

So here is the scoop for this last week of the season.  Notice no practice on Friday.  Only 1/2 day of school and all that.

 Last week of the season! 
Monday-Wednesday -We ski as usual.  Skate skis.  Home by 5:30pm
Thursday, (2-14-19) – Ski Prep Day for the Championships (we will be waxing skis and cleaning the equipment shed.)  Done by 5PM. If you are not going to compete in the Championships on 2-16-19 take your gear home.
Friday (2-15-19)  ½ day of school NO PRACTICE .

Middle School Championships.
Casper Nordic Center
3.5KM Freestyle
Bus Loads at 7AM
10 AM inspect the course, warm up, wax
Noon start
2:00PM Load Bus for home
3:00PM  Stop at McDonalds to let skiers buy food
Estimated home time: 7PM (Hopefully Sooner)

Remember to bring:
Skis, warm hat, gloves, coat, water, breakfast or lunch for the bus, stuff to do on the bus, dress to ski, money for McDonalds after the race.

This is a freestyle race.  You can pick your best technique.  Most will skate.  

End of Season Banquet
Monday, February 18, 2019

LMS Cafeteria

This is a pot luck dinner for skiers and families! Come celebrate the 2019 season!
6th grade Families bring  main dish to share
7th grade Families bring a salad or side dish to share
8th Grade Families bring a dessert to share


At this point in the school year we are all getting tired of assignments and tests...It is school policy that if you are failing a a class you cannot compete.  For those of you struggling, this is your last chance.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  MISS MARTIN FROM THE MAIN OFFICE HAS TALKED TO YOU!  Get your work done.  Get your form signed.  We want you at our last meet!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Cowboy State Games February 9, 2019

This week we get ready for Cowboy State Games.  So we focus on Skating.  If you have only classic skis that is fine you can still ski at practices.

We ski at Happy Jack Monday through Thursday like Normal  --Home at 5:30PM

Friday is a mandatory wax party for all who intend to go to Casper on Saturday.  --when you have waxed and if you have a ride you can go home.  We will all be done by 5PM

Below is the info for our day to Casper.  Notice a few things.  Start time is at 3PM not noon.  This shifts the entire day a bit.  Also LMS will be providing sub sandwiches for all skiers and staff for the ride home.  Please watch for a sign up request to help round out the rest of dinner.

We have only two weeks left in the season.  Keep skiing.  lets finish strong.

Cowboy State Games- Freestyle

February 9, 2019
Casper Mountain Biathalon Venue (Not Casper Mountain Nordic Center)
10AM Load Bus
1:30PM Arrive at Venue
3PM Race Starts (Mass Starts all Girls, all Boys) I DO NOT KNOW HOW AWARDS WILL BE GIVEN.
4:30PM Awards and Load bus
Expected time home 9PM (this time is a guess we will have kids call when we are close to town.)

This is a Freestyle Meet- Most skiers choose to skate but those without skate skis or just learning to ski can use classic technique. There is no separate division for classic skiers.

Please bring:
Skis, Boots, Poles
Warm Jacket, warm pants, hat, gloves
Dress in your LMS gear
Comfy Clothes to wear home.
Pack a lunch
Bring stuff to do on the bus.

Monday, January 28, 2019

January 28- February 1

WOW! Skiers and parents should be proud.  We represented  our school and   team at Special Olympics. Then skied our hearts out in the cold at the Middle School Invite. 

This week we rest up a bit.  No traveling or racing on Saturday!
Monday through Thursday, practice is at Happy Jack.  Skate skis if you have them.
Friday Practice is at LMS-  Game Day in Scout Field.  You need skis and outdoor clothes.  We have a few skiers that need their skis scraped and waxed for skating.  As always this practice id over at 5PM

Next Week:
Saturday, February 9, 2019   COWBOY STATE GAMES 
Venue is at the CMBC Biathalon course.  This is a new place for us!
Time change for the event--- Our start time is at 3PM 
      This means leaving Laramie at a decent time but getting home late.
Please watch for more information.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Hold on this is going to be a busy week. 

Monday 1-21-19  NO SCHOOL –NO PRACTICE
Tuesday 1-22-19 to Thursday 1-24-19  Practice as usual.  Classic Skis
Friday 1-25-19  Laramie Area Special Olympics (See Specifics below)
Saturday 1-26-19  Laramie Invite (See Description Below)

Special Olympics – Friday 1-25-19
 The LMS Nordic Team has been asked again this year to organize and staff the Special Olympic Games 2019.  LMS skiers will be measuring and setting up the courses, timing, recording, helping athletes get from the bus to the trails, cheering and competing on relay teams.  This is a time to give back to the sport.
This is not a school supported team event.  Meaning you must have a note from home excusing you from school for Friday afternoon.  You must have [rearranged your missed class work.  This has to be done by Thursday 1-24-19
This event is open to any ski team member in 7th or 8th grade. 
Bus loads at 11:00AM—we will be back to LMS by 3PM to wax skis and get ready for the invite on Saturday. 
Coach Hamann will provide Sub Sandwiches for all on the bus.  Bring a drink. 
Laramie Middle School Invite –Saturday 1-26-19
This is our home meet.  All Skiers will be entered!
Bus Loads at 10AM  --Home around 3PM (parents are welcome to ride the bus.)
Bring your race faces, skis and dress in your LMS gear.
Make sure to have a warm jacket, warm pants, hat and gloves
Bring a snack or lunch and money.  Special Olympics will be hosting a bake sale at the meet.
**** In order to ski in this race, you must 1) participate in 2 on hill practices.
***Friday practice before the race.  We will work on our skis. This is a mandatory practice for all.  When your skis are finished if you have a way home you may leave.  We will all be done at 5PM.

Questions, Comments, concerns
Please contact a Coach!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

January 14 to 18, 2019

I am a proud Fire Tight Wearing Coach!  Every skier we took to Lander skied their hardest, cheered for others and conducted themselves in a manner complementing to Laramie Middle School!  We had fast skiers, first time racers and those who did not know it, but could have skied in the short race but did not. It was a great time! Great Day!

January 14-18, 2019 Schedule
Lets switch things up a bit.  Lets skate.  Beginners and all. We need a change and it is time to learn.  If all you have is classic skis, that is OK!  We have plans for you as well!  

Monday-Thursday we ski at Happy Jack.
                                     Friday- Yoga and core at LMS  (I promise minimal running!)

Important Changes:
We as coaches have decided we want more on snow time for all.  We are inviting all skiers to come to practice any and all days of the week.  Monday/Wednesday will focus on training and racing.  Tuesday/Thursday will have a more casual feel.  Please do not feel obligated to come to every practice.  If all you can manage is your original assigned team days, that is great! Come to those.   We understand life is busy with other activities. 

We still only have one bus for practice.  Expect it will be full!


Laramie Invite
January 26, 2019
There will be a planning meeting for this meet.  Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 5:45 PM  in the LMS Cafeteria.
Any person interested in helping out, PLEASE JOIN US!

There are a bunch of details to go over.
We expect the same number of skiers as the last race in Lander.


Laramie Special Olympics
Scout Nordic has had the opportunity for the past 5 years to host the local Special Olympic Winter Games.  We are going to do it again this year. Our skiers set up the course, time the events, cheer, race with  athletes and make this afternoon great for Special Athletes.  We have 3 on our team that will compete in these games.

Friday, January 25, 2019
Load bus at 11:00AM Home around 3PM (in time to wax skis for the Invite)
Coach Hamann buys pizza lunch for all who get on the bus.
7th and 8th graders only. 

This is not a LMS sponsored event.  You must have parent permission on file in the attendance office and prearrange your missed work.  


Upcoming Events

January 25, 2019-Special Olympics: Happy jack
January 26, 2019-Laramie Invite: Happy Jack
February 9, 2019- Cowboy State Games, Casper: Mountain Biathalon Venue
February 16, 2019- Middle School Championships: Casper Mountain Nordic Trails 


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Lander Middle School Invite

First, thanks to all who helped at the Mind Bender.  It is a great way to break our young racers in to ski meets.  Please thank the Medicine Bow Nordic Association for the grooming and Dan Lewis for all his help with timing, set up and dealing with Coach Hamann.

This weeks practices:
 Monday through Thursday: Classic, Classic, Classic, Classic
Lander is a Classic Race!

If you need to make up practices to get your required 10.  Come every day!

Friday is  required for all going to the meet.  We will be in the wax shed prepping our skis. All skis need to be glide waxed, even so called waxless skis. We will be done by 5PM in order to go to bed early to get up early and leave.  If you are not going to the meet you have the day off!

Coach Hamann will be submitting entries to the race on Tuesday evening (January 8, 2019).  Contact her if you are NOT going to be able to go.

Lander Middle School Nordic Race - January 12, 2019
6:15AM- Load the Bus
6:30AM- Bus leaves with whoever is on it.  Travel to Beaver Creek Ski Trails on South Pass
11AM - Hike to ski trails from parking lot as a team.  Warm Up/Wax
12 Noon – First racer out.  Interval starts.  One at a time . 
2PM Awards- Load the bus
2:30PM Leave for Laramie
6:30PM- 7PM Estimated time home
What to Bring:
*Classic Skis, Boots, Poles
*Warm Jacket, Gloves, Hat
*Get on the bus dressed to ski.  We will go straight to the ski trails. You can take layers off for travel.
*Warm comfy clothes for the trip home.
*Things to do on the bus.  (Books, Markers, I pads, earphones, etc.)
* Large lunch or snacks and a lunch.  (No sodas before the race!!)
*Water bottle
* Money, (we will stop on the way home and allow skiers to buy snacks, there will be concessions at the ski trails.)   Coaches are not responsible for money or loss of money.
How to dress for a meet:
·       Legs -One warm base layer, Fire Tights, warm wind proof pants to wear over all before and after your race. Or base layer and snow pants.
·       Upper body- base layer, LMS jersey (you bought one or we will pass what we have out) another warm layer or warm jacket. 
·       Hat, gloves
 Beaver Creek is very cold and without shelter.  Warm layers are a must! We will make a team camp that warm clothes can be left at while you race. 
We are representing Laramie Middle School, not only at the meet but the entire day.  Please conduct yourselves in ways that reflect well on this school, team, your family and yourself.  
Parents: If you plan to go and can ski.  There is a need for course marshals and help with the race.  If you are interested let Coach Hamann know and I will tell race organizers.

If you have a team shirt that you did not turn in last year.... Please wear it or bring it back to be handed out to other skiers.  

This is a lot of info.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions!

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