Sunday, January 21, 2018

January 22-26, 2018

8th and 6th

Ski –
Classic Skis
7th and Special

Classic Skis
8th ad 6th

Ski –
7th and Special

Day Off for all
No Practice.

Special Olympics for volunteers and athletes!
Noon to 3:30PM
(see blog for more info)

WOW! My heart is so full of greatness.  Though we did not have as many skiers at our meet as we had hoped, we had a great meet.  Fast  racers to those who have never raced before.  Congratulations! All of you did so well.  Proud Momma Coach Talking here!

Thank you to all who volunteered your afternoon to help out.  It was a great feeling to know the race was taken care of.  What ever your spot, we needed you.  You made this race really nice.

A huge thank you to Medicine Bow Nordic Association!  Randy and Dan the trail groomers, assisted by Coach Eric Dye and Coach Ginger Shenefelt, molded the course into the safe snow covered course we had.

This is the link to the results:


We have 2 home events in the near future.

Special Olympics
January 26, 2018 (Friday)
Bus Pick up at noon
Home by 3:30PM

This is a time for our team to give a little to others.
We are in charge of running the Area Games for Laramie Area Athletes.
Middle school Skiers will be setting up the Venue.  Measuring distances, timing, cheering, potentially racing with or against Special Athletes.  In general doing what is needed to help our Special Area athletes get times to qualify them to travel to Jackson for their State Games.

This is a volunteer activity offered to 7th or 8th grade skiers only!  Please contact Coach Hamann ( if you would like to help out.   Deadline Wednesday 1-24-18

Laramie Middle School does not support Special Olympics as a School Activity.  Therefore this afternoon is not an excused absence for a sport team.   You will have to pre arrange this absence.
(PS I think it is worth the paperwork and extra homework!)

Coach Hamann will buy LMS team members Pizza for lunch.  You bring a drink.

February 3, 2108
Pole Mountain Mind Bender-A Challenge Race
Start Time Noon

This is our last home event!  We need adult help.

Unlike standing and pointing we need volunteers to be on the course at stations designed to make our skiers think as well as ski, first aid, and timers.  (Costumes optional at all stations)

More info on this to come.  Please put it on your calendar.  It is the event that the team talks about all

T-shirt orders
We are ordering team shirts that you can buy.  An order form was sent out last week.  The paper hard copy that the kids brought home Friday is wrong but it will work.  Same price, same sizing the shirts will say Laramie Middle School.  Not LJHS.  Please have all orders in by Wednesday.

We have more skiers than team shirts that can be checked out.  If you would like to order an extra shirt to donate as a team uniform, we would be very grateful (Kids large, Adult Small or Medium)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 8-13, 2108 Casper Race

January 8-13, 2018   Casper Race Week

6th/8Th grade

Skiers choice for skis

7th and Special Skiers

Skiers Choice for skis
6th/8th grade

Skiers choice for skis
7th and Special Skiers

Skiers choice for skis
Required for all going to Casper!

In town, ski prep day, What to Expect on Race Day Talk. Hand out team shirts.

Those not going to Casper have the day off.
Casper Invite

Load bus at 7:45 Bus leaves LMS at 8.

See blog for details

Here we go.  First week to compete.  Again, all competitions are optional.  We know some of you are just figuring out how to ski and the thought of racing is a bit over the top right now.

If you have not done so let Coach Hamann know if you are going to the race.  Deadline is Tuesday at practice.

A bit about ski prep.  All teams do it. The better shape your skis are in the better they work for you.  Thus, keeping them waxed and in tune makes them easier to ski on.   Race day prep is a bit different than just slopping on some wax.  We will try to wax for the weather and conditions,  get our skis as fine tuned as possible, make sure our bindings are not broken, and go over all our equipment to make sure we have no surprises in Casper.   This time is just as important as skiing.

Casper Invite
7:45 AM Load the Bus
8:00 AM Bus leaves with whoever is on it
11:00 AM Arrive at Casper Mountain Nordic Trails.  (On top of Casper Mountain) The start/finish is short hike from the lodge.
11:30AM- 12:30PM Race day wax for those on Classic Skis. Preview the course, warm up, get numbers. Last minute instructions. 
1PM Race Starts 
3:00PM or after awards, Load Buses
6:00 PM Home.  

Things to bring:
*Skis, boots, poles
*Hat, gloves
*Dress to ski – or easily get ready to ski
   PSA on race day clothes:  Wear your team shirt from last year or get a team shirt.  Under this wear a first layer (Under Armor or wicking).  For bottoms—first a wicking layer, then fire tights or spandex or non-cotton basketball type pants, Snow pants if you fall a lot.  When racing you are working hard and will be warmer than normal. 
*Warm jacket for before and after the race. Warm pants if you race in spandex.  We will make a team camp to leave warm clothes in while you race.
*Dry, comfy clothes to travel home
*Lunch, healthy snacks (Please no peanut butter or peanuts, we have kids with allergies.)
*Water bottle, drinks (No Soda)
*Books, games, tablet to keep busy on the bus for the ride, etc. 
*Money to buy a snack after the meet on the way home (Keep this reasonable, We coaches are not responsible for lost money.) We will stop somewhere, usually a gas station.

Past years parents have provided breakfast or snacks for race day for the kids. Thus, ensuring a healthy option for food. This trip we would appreciate snack items to be eaten before the race.
If you can help, we thank you.   Provide enough for 20 team members.  We will travel with 60 skiers.
Here is a list for this race.
Juice boxes 1__________________2______________3______________
Granola bars 1________________2_______________3______________
Yogurt sticks 1. _______________2______________3_______________

Coach Hamann has Fire Tights available for 25$ each.  (She makes no money on the tights and is not working for the company that makes them.)  Let her know if you would like to purchase a pair.

Team shirts will be available for order next week.


Parents please have a short talk with your children who are traveling.  We represent not only ourselves but our families and Laramie Middle School every place we are seen.  Coaches, officials and other team athletes make their  opinions of our school based on our behavior.  Lets represent Laramie Middle School, our families and the Sport of Nordic Skiing well. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Welcome Back

Pray for more snow!

Welcome Back to School

Hats off to those who participated on all or some of the Optional Practices.  We skied miles, played games and had the first ever Reindeer Games.  Those skiers who did come are really getting comfortable on skis and are ready for the next phase of the season.

Starting January 3, 2018, we begin what I call the competition season.  

Our first race is in Casper,  January 13, 2018.  We will work to get ready for this.  If you did not participate in practices over the break you will need to get to every practice you are scheduled for to make your required 10 practices to compete. 

January 2-5   Schedule

Tuesday 1-2-18
Wednesday 1-3-18
Thursday 1-4-18
Friday 1-5-18
Working on an Optional Practice.

watch the email and facebook for times

Classic Skis
6th /8th Grade

Classic Skis
7th grade and Special Team

Skate if you have them

6th/8th  Ski 
Skate if you have them
7th  and Special team
Core strength in weight room.  Dress to workout inside.  Possible wax skis if time.

Reminder:  On hill skiers back to the Middle School at 5:30PM
                      In town practices over at 5PM

We are going to start introducing skate skis to the routine.  You do not have to skate if you are just getting comfortable on classic skis.  We want you to be have the basics of classic skiing covered before you try skate.

Our home meet is January 20, 2018
We will need parent help.  Timers, Course Marshals, start and finish line ushers, ski patrol, etc. 

Remember to turn in your Training Logs. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Week 2

First week under our belts.
 We got work done.  Met skiers, met Coaches and had a great start to our season.
WE ARE SCOUT NORDIC (82 skiers strong)!

Few Reminders:
1.      Practice in town ends at 5PM
Practice bused to Happy Jack ends at 5:30PM
All athlete pick up is in the parking lot by the tennis courts.

2.       Dress for outdoor activities.  Warm jackets, hats gloves, base layers.  Shorts, are dangerous.  Skiers will be sent home if not dressed ready to ski.

3.      Bring a healthy snack.  You may eat on the bus or before 3:20 at School.  Lunch to dinner with skiing in between is a very long time.

4.      Questions about practices.  Normal School weeks—7th grade and Special Skiers practice Tuesday/Thursday/Friday.  6th and 8th grade skiers practice Monday/Wednesday/ Friday.  If this does not fit your schedule, please contact Coach Hamann and we can figure something out.   If you are not scheduled to practice that day you have it off. 

 Next week
6th and 8th grade ski. @ Happy Jack
7th grade Special Team ski

@Happy Jack
Optional practice- open to any skier

9AM to Noon
Ski @ Happy Jack
Optional Practice- open to any skier

9AM to Noon

Ski @Happy Jack
Optional Practice- open to any skier

9AM to Noon

Ski @Happy Jack

Optional Practices are –Optional--  No penalty for missing.  They will count toward your 10 practices to compete.   We have only 1 bus for these practices it will be tight. 
As coaches also need family time over the holiday season, we will be short on staff.  Any parent wanting to join us for these practices would be greatly appreciated.  You will have to provide your own transportation.  There are two scheduled for after Christmas.  12-27-17 and 12-29-17 again 9AM to Noon

Thanks for the snow dances!  Keep doing them!

If you are not getting this by email link.. Send  Coach Hamann ( a request to be put on the list.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Week 1 Schedule

We are getting so close to getting the 2017-18 Season of LMS Nordic Skiing started we coaches can taste the excitement!

A few answers to questions.
1)      Bring your equipment on the first day.   We want to make sure you can get in and out of bindings, check kick zones and scrape storage wax etc.  There will be a coach at the equipment shed (big barn shaped building by the football field) in the morning before school to allow you to put your stuff away.

2)      Bus for LAB and SRA will be picking skiers up ad bringing them to the Middle School.  LAB School the bus will be there about 3:15PM. It will leave at 3:20PM if you are not on the bus you will miss practice.  SRA the bus will be there about 3:25PM.  Be waiting as we need you to load ASAP.  Both Schools we do not have a bus number but, Coach Brown will be driving.   Seasoned skiers please help the inexperienced make these connections.

3)      If you have a music concert on Monday, December 11, 2017…. Stay home. Take a shower, do what you need to do to make this a great concert.  It is for grade.  You must go.  Ski team is not an excuse to miss.  Bring your skis to school on Tuesday, December 12, 2017  and store them for the day behind the wall on the stage. 

4)      Team Assignments:  New This Year!  We will be skiing by grade regardless of ability.  What this means is there will be a 6th grade team (Coach Brown), 7th grade team and  (Coach Hamann)  and an 8th grade team (Coach Dye).  We are hoping this keeps the focus even and no special treatment will be given to any ski group. We will ski in ability groups during practice.  That said we know some of you have requested practice days.  We can be flexible and accommodate this.

-----  6th and 8th grade will practice Monday/Wednesday/Friday 
-----7th grade and Special Skiers will practice Tuesday/Thursday/Friday

Along with this we are adding alternating Friday Ski days.  With each group taking turns either skiing or in town.  Schedules will be posted in the blog and on an info board at school.

Now with all this info our first week is goofy. Here is the schedule.
Monday 12/11/17

First Day
*Bring your gear to school
*Card skis, label skis
* Mixer games
*Run with Poles

Tuesday 12/12/17

First day for the Music people.
 *Bring your Gear
*Card Skis, label skis etc.
*Mixer games
* Run with poles
Wednesday 12/13/17

Wax demo
Run, core


7th grade and Special Athletes travel to Happy Jack.  Ski. Pick up 5:30PM

6th and 8th in town. Core and conditioning - Pick up 5PM
Friday 12/12/17

6th and 8th grade
To Happy Jack
Pick UP 5:30PM

7th   in town
Pick up 5PM

Every practice:  Dress to be outside.  If enough snow, we will ski in the park instead of run.  If no snow at Happy Jack, we will go and either run or hike the trails.  

After practice pick up is always at the tennis courts.  

The temperature limit to be outside is 0 including Windchill. When it is too cold to be outside we cancel practice.  We will make this decision at Noon of the day in question. It will be announced at school and posted in every avenue we have to inform you.

Please consider joining the Medicine Bow Nordic Association.
The MBNA grooms, trails for practice and races, provides trail markings for races and use of the snow machine for medical emergencies and head timer for races.  All free of charge to our skiers.  We are fortunate to be one of a few places in Wyoming to Ski for free. (It does cost to park in the parking lot). The memberships pay for this service.

If your skier needs more ski days in the week.  The MBNA offers a Junior Skier Program.  Ages 8- 16.  It is a great program and a good way to get more ski days.  Info is found on the MBNA web page.  See paragraph above.

See you next week!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Scout Nordic 2018 Information

Scout Nordic 2018


Chris Hamann

Heath Brown

Eric Dye

Requirements for team participation:
1. No previous experience necessary
2. A willingness to learn and improve on your own personal experience level.
3. Sports Physical form (Both sides filled out)
4. Code of Conduct, signed and on file.
5. Info Snap online information current

1. To provide an opportunity in a team atmosphere for students to experience the sport of Nordic Skiing.
2. Knowing that all team members will start with varying abilities, to improve and grow in those abilities.
3. To participate and experience  Nordic racing in a meet.
4. All team members will learn to wax skis and take care of personal equipment.

Equipment requirements:
1. Nordic skis, boots and poles
    Team A)  Will train for both techniques in the Nordic world. Classic and Skate.  A pair of skis for each technique.  
     Team B) Will concentrate on Classic Skiing.  Only one pair of skis needed.

Highly Suggested!  Ski bag that holds all your skis, and poles.

   Check with Cross Country Connection our local outlet for equipment for rentals.   Bindings on skis are not universal fit. Make sure your boots are the right system for your skis. Try them in the store before getting them to the trails.

Put your name on all your equipment!

2.   Winter clothing
      A quick lesson in how to dress for success...
       - layers, layers, layers... Bottom layer of wicking (Under Armor, Columbia, Mountain Hardware, etc. ) long underwear, tops and bottoms. Ski tights or lightweight fleece pants, lightweight fleece top, wind pants and jacket.  Reserve the heavy jacket for the bus.  Hat and gloves. Cotton sweat pants and sweat shirts, jeans etc. soak up water and do not dry. They are not safe in cold conditions. Cotton kills.  Show up to practice in these and you will not be allowed off the bus.  Hat, gloves or mittens, and a buff. 

The coaches do not have a supply of extra hats and gloves. You must be responsible for your own.  You will be asked to not ski if you do not have proper warm gear!

3. Water bottle and somehow to carry it.  Hydration packs with tubes freeze if not worn under a jacket.

4. The team will provide all waxing equipment required to maintain skis.

December 11, 2017 First Practice
January 13, 2018  Casper
January 20, 2018  Laramie
January 26, 2018  Special Olympics-- Laramie
February 3, 2108  Laramie  --Mind Bender  
February 10, 2018 Lander Invite
February 17, 2018  Middle School Championships  --Lander


Skier Information 

Name__________________________ # seasons on Scout Nordic Team______________

Stuff Coaches need to know about skier.  (Allergies, Asthma, Mental or health issues you think might get in the way of a great day practicing. )


Parent/Guardian _____________________ Phone#________________________

Email to be included on team list__________________________________________

Parents your support makes this team great.  Our Home meets will need your hands on help. Please check any area where you might be able to help out.

Race Timing _____ On Course  (must be able to ski) ______ Start/ Finish Line help_____ 

First Aid/Ski Patrol________  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Last week of the season

This is most of the  that skied this past weekend here in Laramie.
Well done! It was a long race in very harsh conditions.

This week is our last week of the season.  Wow it has been a fast season.  We have true skiers today where at the beginning of the season we had beginners!

Practice is Skate all week.  Leave those nasty klistered skis in the shed!  Plan on working hard the first part of the week then a bit of fun toward the end.  

Friday - Wax day we will clean your classic skis of all the sticky goo,  Wax your skate skis and clean the shed.  We need all to be there to help.

Friday 2-17-17   
Ski Team Dinner and Celebration
LJHS Cafeteria
Please check the sign up sheet that has been emailed to you.
If in question it is a pot luck so just bring a dish to share!
Family is invited.

Come celebrate a season well Skied!


2-18-17  Junior High Championships
Casper Nordic Trails
Start Time: Noon
Bus Loads at 7 AM

Bring your  usual stuff.  Remember warm gloves and jacket. Lunch and money for snacks.
Everybody is welcome to travel and compete.  You all have earned this right. 

The girls bus will have a pajama party on the way home.  Bring your favorite pajamas to wear home. 
The bus driver will be the judge for the best PJs on the bus.  Guys you are welcome to start a party on your bus as well.

January 22-26, 2018

Monday  1-22-18 Tuesday  1-23-18 Wednesday  1-24-18 Thursday 1-25-18 Friday 1-16-18 8 th and 6...