Sunday, February 11, 2018

Final Week of this Season

LMS should be very proud of it's Nordic Team.  We skied hard, were great sports and represented our school very well this past week.

Skiers choice for skis
Skiers choice for skis
Classic Ski
Classic Ski
Wax/Prep for Lander
End of Season Banquet
Middle School Nordic Championships
Lander, WY

Hold on for a busy week. We have only 4 on snow afternoons left.  Practice Friday is a must for any skier racing on Saturday. 

End of Season Banquet (Pot Luck)
Friday, February 16, 2108 (This is the official date)
5:30PM after practice to 7PM
Please watch for a google doc to sign up on or bring a dish to share.  This is what it says.  Families are invited.  Come celebrate your children and this accomplishment of surviving this team!
6th Grade Families bring a main dish to share
7th Grade Families bring a side dish to share
8th Grade families bring a dessert to share
Coaches will provide paper products and drinks

Middle School Championship
Venue: Beaver Creek Nordic Trails (On South Pass)
Distance/Technique:  3.25 KM Classic
Start Time: Noon
LMS will be providing Lunch!  We will take a detour into town and buy sub sandwiches after the meet. If you need specialized food, please bring your own.

Friday after waxing we will be cleaning the wax barn, tearing down our home for the past few months and packing up our gear to store until next year.  You need to take all your gear home!

Cross Country Connection Ski rental due date March 30, 2018!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

February 5-10, 2018

Mind Bender 4KM Start


Game Day
Classic Skis

Classic Skis

Classic skis

Classic skis

Stretching and waxing

Required for those going to Lander. 

Classic Meet
 Mind Bender  2KM Start
  These last 2 weeks come when you can. Everyday if you want.    We have 8 on snow days left.   Plan for a crowded bus.                                                                                                                                                           We will be practicing classic skiing all week.  If you show up on skate skis you will wax them for classic skiing. 

The Mind Bender was a huge success!  Thank you to all who skied, dressed up and volunteered.  I had some questions as to why we do this event? It is my opinion we take sports a bit to serious very early in life.  This event gives us a bit if freedom to let our hair down, have fun and still be a team. It gave us some excitement for this weekend, the two weeks without a meet in the middle of the season gets very long and trying.  Plus, the prizes are nice.

 We  have only 2 weeks left of t his season.  Both meets 2-20-18 and 2-17-18 will be in Lander.  I have not got any information from race organizers.  As soon as I know the location of races I will let you know.  Snow conditions are playing havoc in that part of the state as well as ours.  Both races were scheduled to be classic. 

Again, meets are optional.  With all the hard work of the season under us, I would hope all skiers would compete. 

February 10, 2018 –Lander
Bus loads at 6:30AM 
Home around 6PM
Race Start no sooner than Noon. 
Either Beaver Creek Nordic Trails (On South Pass) or in town at the Golf Course.
We will ski the same venue as the High School (NRL) Races.
Please let me know if Middle Skiers are Traveling with family instead of the bus.
You must come to 3 days of practices this week to be on the race roster.

February 16, 2018
Team Banquet—family potluck 5:30PM --LMS Cafeteria
Is there someone who might take this on and be team parent in the cafeteria for the evening?

February 17, 2018---Middle School Championships ---Lander
We will take the entire team.  No qualifying times needed to ski.

Both races to Lander require a long day of travel.  Just like going to Casper, I would like to provide a healthy snack or small breakfast for the team.  This way we know team members have quality calories in their system for racing.  Donations of Bagels and Cream Cheese, yogurt sticks, granola bars, juice would be appreciated. Plan to serve 30.   Let Coach Hamann Know if you can help

.If you want to look like you survived the Mind Bender but did not participate.  LMS buffs are for sale  5$ each. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Pole Mountain Mind Bender

Proof  Coach Hamann does something at a race. Notice the clowns in the background.

6th and 8th
Classic Ski
Classic Ski
6th and 8th
In Town Ski wax and stretching.

Pole Mountain Mind Bender!

All Team  Members
encouraged to participate!

A big thank you to all who helped with Special Olympics.  We have three Special Athletes on our team.  They came home with the hardware!  Parents, you should be proud of your kids, they times, cheered, escorted and really helped make the event go smooth.  Way to go!

I just realized we have only 3 weeks left in the season.  They are going to be very busy.  We have something every weekend.  Practises are going to be a bit more demanding.  Plan to be pushed out of your normal. Get on the bus ready to ski, ready to work, ready to make yourselves a better skier.   
Turn in your training logs… We pay in stickers!!!

I have had skiers tell me they are not going to race because they are slow and won’t do well.  Let me tell you my perspective on races.  We say as part of this team races are optional.  At the same time, we want you to stretch yourself, and race.  If you push yourself, give the race your personal best and cross the finish line—you are a winner.  Those top 10 skiers who may get a ribbon, they may be faster than you, but they skied the same course, the same distance and we expect the same commitment from them. Try your best, finish, be a good sport. 

The races we have left we will be skiing with teams from all over the state.  I can guarantee skiers of all abilities will be there. 


Instead of a mandatory Friday Practice this week. The team will participate in the 3rd annual Pole Mountain Mind Bender.   This is a “race” like no other.  Events and distances for all abilities, family members of all ages are invited enter.   All who ski will get a finisher prize.  We will crown the King and Queen of each distance as well.

We need help with this event.
4 timers
2 Before race registration (10:30 to 11:30)
10 people with devious minds to man stations out on the course.  Must be able to walk or ski.
1 first aid ski patrol
Like last time we will have a short volunteer meeting Friday 2-2-18 at 5:00 right after practice.   

This is a great event to have fun.  We have 2 tough weeks of racing after this.

February 3, 2018**  Mind Bender--  Buses load at 10:30 AM home around 2:30PM
February 10, 2018 **  Lander  --- Beaver Creek Nordic Center. 
February 16, 2108   **  End of Season Pot Luck   5:30PM LJHS Cafeteria
(Wanted: person(s) to plan this event.)
February 17, 2108**  Lander –Golf Course


Tshirt order was submitted hopefully we have them for our first Lander Race.
Fire Tights-- Coach Hamann has a few  left.  (Kids LG, Adult XS, Adult M) Cost 25$ ,Checks  made to Fancy Pants etc. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

January 22-26, 2018

8th and 6th

Ski –
Classic Skis
7th and Special

Classic Skis
8th ad 6th

Ski –
7th and Special

Day Off for all
No Practice.

Special Olympics for volunteers and athletes!
Noon to 3:30PM
(see blog for more info)

WOW! My heart is so full of greatness.  Though we did not have as many skiers at our meet as we had hoped, we had a great meet.  Fast  racers to those who have never raced before.  Congratulations! All of you did so well.  Proud Momma Coach Talking here!

Thank you to all who volunteered your afternoon to help out.  It was a great feeling to know the race was taken care of.  What ever your spot, we needed you.  You made this race really nice.

A huge thank you to Medicine Bow Nordic Association!  Randy and Dan the trail groomers, assisted by Coach Eric Dye and Coach Ginger Shenefelt, molded the course into the safe snow covered course we had.

This is the link to the results:


We have 2 home events in the near future.

Special Olympics
January 26, 2018 (Friday)
Bus Pick up at noon
Home by 3:30PM

This is a time for our team to give a little to others.
We are in charge of running the Area Games for Laramie Area Athletes.
Middle school Skiers will be setting up the Venue.  Measuring distances, timing, cheering, potentially racing with or against Special Athletes.  In general doing what is needed to help our Special Area athletes get times to qualify them to travel to Jackson for their State Games.

This is a volunteer activity offered to 7th or 8th grade skiers only!  Please contact Coach Hamann ( if you would like to help out.   Deadline Wednesday 1-24-18

Laramie Middle School does not support Special Olympics as a School Activity.  Therefore this afternoon is not an excused absence for a sport team.   You will have to pre arrange this absence.
(PS I think it is worth the paperwork and extra homework!)

Coach Hamann will buy LMS team members Pizza for lunch.  You bring a drink.

February 3, 2108
Pole Mountain Mind Bender-A Challenge Race
Start Time Noon

This is our last home event!  We need adult help.

Unlike standing and pointing we need volunteers to be on the course at stations designed to make our skiers think as well as ski, first aid, and timers.  (Costumes optional at all stations)

More info on this to come.  Please put it on your calendar.  It is the event that the team talks about all

T-shirt orders
We are ordering team shirts that you can buy.  An order form was sent out last week.  The paper hard copy that the kids brought home Friday is wrong but it will work.  Same price, same sizing the shirts will say Laramie Middle School.  Not LJHS.  Please have all orders in by Wednesday.

We have more skiers than team shirts that can be checked out.  If you would like to order an extra shirt to donate as a team uniform, we would be very grateful (Kids large, Adult Small or Medium)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 8-13, 2108 Casper Race

January 8-13, 2018   Casper Race Week

6th/8Th grade

Skiers choice for skis

7th and Special Skiers

Skiers Choice for skis
6th/8th grade

Skiers choice for skis
7th and Special Skiers

Skiers choice for skis
Required for all going to Casper!

In town, ski prep day, What to Expect on Race Day Talk. Hand out team shirts.

Those not going to Casper have the day off.
Casper Invite

Load bus at 7:45 Bus leaves LMS at 8.

See blog for details

Here we go.  First week to compete.  Again, all competitions are optional.  We know some of you are just figuring out how to ski and the thought of racing is a bit over the top right now.

If you have not done so let Coach Hamann know if you are going to the race.  Deadline is Tuesday at practice.

A bit about ski prep.  All teams do it. The better shape your skis are in the better they work for you.  Thus, keeping them waxed and in tune makes them easier to ski on.   Race day prep is a bit different than just slopping on some wax.  We will try to wax for the weather and conditions,  get our skis as fine tuned as possible, make sure our bindings are not broken, and go over all our equipment to make sure we have no surprises in Casper.   This time is just as important as skiing.

Casper Invite
7:45 AM Load the Bus
8:00 AM Bus leaves with whoever is on it
11:00 AM Arrive at Casper Mountain Nordic Trails.  (On top of Casper Mountain) The start/finish is short hike from the lodge.
11:30AM- 12:30PM Race day wax for those on Classic Skis. Preview the course, warm up, get numbers. Last minute instructions. 
1PM Race Starts 
3:00PM or after awards, Load Buses
6:00 PM Home.  

Things to bring:
*Skis, boots, poles
*Hat, gloves
*Dress to ski – or easily get ready to ski
   PSA on race day clothes:  Wear your team shirt from last year or get a team shirt.  Under this wear a first layer (Under Armor or wicking).  For bottoms—first a wicking layer, then fire tights or spandex or non-cotton basketball type pants, Snow pants if you fall a lot.  When racing you are working hard and will be warmer than normal. 
*Warm jacket for before and after the race. Warm pants if you race in spandex.  We will make a team camp to leave warm clothes in while you race.
*Dry, comfy clothes to travel home
*Lunch, healthy snacks (Please no peanut butter or peanuts, we have kids with allergies.)
*Water bottle, drinks (No Soda)
*Books, games, tablet to keep busy on the bus for the ride, etc. 
*Money to buy a snack after the meet on the way home (Keep this reasonable, We coaches are not responsible for lost money.) We will stop somewhere, usually a gas station.

Past years parents have provided breakfast or snacks for race day for the kids. Thus, ensuring a healthy option for food. This trip we would appreciate snack items to be eaten before the race.
If you can help, we thank you.   Provide enough for 20 team members.  We will travel with 60 skiers.
Here is a list for this race.
Juice boxes 1__________________2______________3______________
Granola bars 1________________2_______________3______________
Yogurt sticks 1. _______________2______________3_______________

Coach Hamann has Fire Tights available for 25$ each.  (She makes no money on the tights and is not working for the company that makes them.)  Let her know if you would like to purchase a pair.

Team shirts will be available for order next week.


Parents please have a short talk with your children who are traveling.  We represent not only ourselves but our families and Laramie Middle School every place we are seen.  Coaches, officials and other team athletes make their  opinions of our school based on our behavior.  Lets represent Laramie Middle School, our families and the Sport of Nordic Skiing well. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Welcome Back

Pray for more snow!

Welcome Back to School

Hats off to those who participated on all or some of the Optional Practices.  We skied miles, played games and had the first ever Reindeer Games.  Those skiers who did come are really getting comfortable on skis and are ready for the next phase of the season.

Starting January 3, 2018, we begin what I call the competition season.  

Our first race is in Casper,  January 13, 2018.  We will work to get ready for this.  If you did not participate in practices over the break you will need to get to every practice you are scheduled for to make your required 10 practices to compete. 

January 2-5   Schedule

Tuesday 1-2-18
Wednesday 1-3-18
Thursday 1-4-18
Friday 1-5-18
Working on an Optional Practice.

watch the email and facebook for times

Classic Skis
6th /8th Grade

Classic Skis
7th grade and Special Team

Skate if you have them

6th/8th  Ski 
Skate if you have them
7th  and Special team
Core strength in weight room.  Dress to workout inside.  Possible wax skis if time.

Reminder:  On hill skiers back to the Middle School at 5:30PM
                      In town practices over at 5PM

We are going to start introducing skate skis to the routine.  You do not have to skate if you are just getting comfortable on classic skis.  We want you to be have the basics of classic skiing covered before you try skate.

Our home meet is January 20, 2018
We will need parent help.  Timers, Course Marshals, start and finish line ushers, ski patrol, etc. 

Remember to turn in your Training Logs.