Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Here is the  info passed out at the start up meeting for LJHS Nordics.  Please pass it on to anyone who might be interested.

Remember to get your sports physicals and activity fees turned in to the main office at LJHS before our first practice on NOVEMBER 17, 2014

Bring your poles and running shoes to practice.  Dress for outdoor workouts!

See you soon!

Coach Hamann

Laramie Junior High Nordic Team


 Chris Hamann                                                           Heath Brown                                 



Information/Practice Schedules etc.

Facebook: ScoutNordic         



Practice Dates:

First Practice November 17, 2014


3:30pm (bus departs for Happy Jack Trails) 5:3Opm( arrive back to school)

No Snow- Practices will start and end at Scout Park



Requirements for team participation:

1. No previous experience necessary

2. A willingness to learn and improve on your own personal experience level

3. Sports Physical form (Both sides filled out) turned in to main office

4. Activity fee paid to LJHS--  turned in to Main Office



1. To provide an opportunity in a team atmosphere for students to experience the sport of Nordic Skiing.

2. Knowing that all team members will start with varying abilities, to improve and grow in those abilities.

3. To participate and experience true Nordic racing in a meet.

4. All team members will learn to wax skis and take care of personal equipment.



Equipment requirements:

1. Nordic skis, boots and poles

     We will train for both techniques in the Nordic world. Classic and Skate.  It is possible to find one pair of skis that will do both.  (good for the beginner) and one pair of boots that is good for both. Option 2. A pair of skis for each technique.    Check with local ski businesses for season long rentals if you do not own skis. All in town are good and can help you.  Bindings on skis are not universal fit. Make sure your boots are the right system for your skis. Try them in the store before getting them to the trails.


2.   Winter clothing

      A quick lesson in how to dress for success...

       - layers, layers, layers... Bottom layer of wicking (Under Armor, Columbia, Mountain Hardware, etc. ) long underwear, tops and bottoms. Ski tights or lightweight fleece pants, lightweight fleece top, wind pants and jacket.  Reserve the heavy jacket for the bus.  Hat and gloves. Cotton sweat pants and sweat shirts, jeans etc. soak up water and do not dry. They are not safe in cold conditions. Cotton kills.  Show up to practice in these and you will not be allowed off  the bus.


3. Water bottle and somehow to carry it.  Hydration packs with tubes freeze if not worn under a jacket.





























Skier Information


Name______________________________   Grade ___School__________________________________


Parents name______________________________________ Phone_____________________________                                         


Email you want info sent to:____________________________________________________________

(This address will be included in a team list)


Rate your ski ability:

Beginner (Never skied before)-------  Sort of Beginner (Less than 5 times)  Intermediate (More than 5 times) ------ Advanced 


Medical issues coaches need to know about. ( Diabetes, seizures,  anorexia, etc.)



Days of the week you will not make practice because of other commitments.




As a participant of the Laramie Junior High Nordic Team, I understand that I am expected to abide by the Athletic Code of Conduct included in the LJHS handbook.  I understand that at all times while on this team, I am representing LJHS, the Nordic Team and the Sport of Nordic Skiing.  I understand that my behaviour directly effects my performance.  If such behaviour becomes a chronic problem or there is no resolution thru ACSD1 policies, I can be asked to leave the team.


Skier Signature/Date


Parent-Guardian Signature/Date









Cross Country Connection Rental Night


November 6, 2014 (Monday)




Racer 1 Combi        $150  wood core junior race gear smallest gear down to 122cm           skis

               Single       $100

Racer 2  Combi       $200 RCS junior skis-aircore  mid size skis for juniors under 5'2" and under 115lbs

               single        $150

Racer 3  Combi       $350 crs adult sized skis  adult Fischer Combi boots skis from 172 on up

               Single       $200


****Combi Package – 2 pair of skis, Combi boots and poles

***Single Package- either skate or classic skis, boots, poles






Renter Info

Complete and take to rental night.


Skier name_______________________M/F__________

Parents Name_______________________________

Phone Number______________________________

Skier age__________Height___________Weight____________ 

 Shoe Size_______ 

 Experience Level  (Beginner –Advanced)________________
Rental package desired________________________________

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