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Scout Nordic 2018 Information

Scout Nordic 2018


Chris Hamann

Heath Brown

Eric Dye

Requirements for team participation:
1. No previous experience necessary
2. A willingness to learn and improve on your own personal experience level.
3. Sports Physical form (Both sides filled out)
4. Code of Conduct, signed and on file.
5. Info Snap online information current

1. To provide an opportunity in a team atmosphere for students to experience the sport of Nordic Skiing.
2. Knowing that all team members will start with varying abilities, to improve and grow in those abilities.
3. To participate and experience  Nordic racing in a meet.
4. All team members will learn to wax skis and take care of personal equipment.

Equipment requirements:
1. Nordic skis, boots and poles
    Team A)  Will train for both techniques in the Nordic world. Classic and Skate.  A pair of skis for each technique.  
     Team B) Will concentrate on Classic Skiing.  Only one pair of skis needed.

Highly Suggested!  Ski bag that holds all your skis, and poles.

   Check with Cross Country Connection our local outlet for equipment for rentals.   Bindings on skis are not universal fit. Make sure your boots are the right system for your skis. Try them in the store before getting them to the trails.

Put your name on all your equipment!

2.   Winter clothing
      A quick lesson in how to dress for success...
       - layers, layers, layers... Bottom layer of wicking (Under Armor, Columbia, Mountain Hardware, etc. ) long underwear, tops and bottoms. Ski tights or lightweight fleece pants, lightweight fleece top, wind pants and jacket.  Reserve the heavy jacket for the bus.  Hat and gloves. Cotton sweat pants and sweat shirts, jeans etc. soak up water and do not dry. They are not safe in cold conditions. Cotton kills.  Show up to practice in these and you will not be allowed off the bus.  Hat, gloves or mittens, and a buff. 

The coaches do not have a supply of extra hats and gloves. You must be responsible for your own.  You will be asked to not ski if you do not have proper warm gear!

3. Water bottle and somehow to carry it.  Hydration packs with tubes freeze if not worn under a jacket.

4. The team will provide all waxing equipment required to maintain skis.

December 11, 2017 First Practice
January 13, 2018  Casper
January 20, 2018  Laramie
January 26, 2018  Special Olympics-- Laramie
February 3, 2108  Laramie  --Mind Bender  
February 10, 2018 Lander Invite
February 17, 2018  Middle School Championships  --Lander


Skier Information 

Name__________________________ # seasons on Scout Nordic Team______________

Stuff Coaches need to know about skier.  (Allergies, Asthma, Mental or health issues you think might get in the way of a great day practicing. )


Parent/Guardian _____________________ Phone#________________________

Email to be included on team list__________________________________________

Parents your support makes this team great.  Our Home meets will need your hands on help. Please check any area where you might be able to help out.

Race Timing _____ On Course  (must be able to ski) ______ Start/ Finish Line help_____ 

First Aid/Ski Patrol________  

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