Friday, December 29, 2017

Welcome Back

Pray for more snow!

Welcome Back to School

Hats off to those who participated on all or some of the Optional Practices.  We skied miles, played games and had the first ever Reindeer Games.  Those skiers who did come are really getting comfortable on skis and are ready for the next phase of the season.

Starting January 3, 2018, we begin what I call the competition season.  

Our first race is in Casper,  January 13, 2018.  We will work to get ready for this.  If you did not participate in practices over the break you will need to get to every practice you are scheduled for to make your required 10 practices to compete. 

January 2-5   Schedule

Tuesday 1-2-18
Wednesday 1-3-18
Thursday 1-4-18
Friday 1-5-18
Working on an Optional Practice.

watch the email and facebook for times

Classic Skis
6th /8th Grade

Classic Skis
7th grade and Special Team

Skate if you have them

6th/8th  Ski 
Skate if you have them
7th  and Special team
Core strength in weight room.  Dress to workout inside.  Possible wax skis if time.

Reminder:  On hill skiers back to the Middle School at 5:30PM
                      In town practices over at 5PM

We are going to start introducing skate skis to the routine.  You do not have to skate if you are just getting comfortable on classic skis.  We want you to be have the basics of classic skiing covered before you try skate.

Our home meet is January 20, 2018
We will need parent help.  Timers, Course Marshals, start and finish line ushers, ski patrol, etc. 

Remember to turn in your Training Logs. 

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