Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 9-13, 2013 Practice Schedule

Well  we start practices then it gets too cold even for Nordic Skiers.  I am still so excited I can hardly sleep at night.  This is going to be a fun season.

Even with best thought out plans things happen.  We will be changing up our week just a bit to accommodate those who do not have equipment yet. I promise we will get to the snow!

Please take time to read through this.  I know it is long but important.

Here is my vision of the week.  Please be patient with me as we get things up and running full speed.

Monday 12-9-13
Bring your classic gear to school. Meet at the tennis courts @3:25 to load bus. Ski at Happy Jack.
Focus will be on getting to know the snow.  Balance, glide, pole usage.  Home around 5:30
If you do not have equipment yet we will see  you on Wednesday!

Tuesday 12-10-13 (optional workout day)
TNT meet at 3:30 in the cafeteria.  Dress for outdoor fun. Probably 1/2 outside 1/2 inside work out.  Bring your classic ski poles. We will dismiss at 5pm.

Equipment Rental night at Cross Country Connection, 6:15 pm.
If you have equipment stay home and do your homework.

Let Coach Chris know if you plan on renting.
Need your name, height, weight, shoe size.

There is a limited supply of rentals available.  If you know of another place you want to rent from please feel free. Make sure the you tell the store you are on the Jr High Nordic team and will be Skating and Classic skiing.

Wednesday 12-11-13
Meet at the tennis courts 3:25pm to load the bus. . Bring your skis to school. Emphasis will be getting on snow. Continue working on basics,  balance, glide, use of poles.  Classic skis probably are best.

Friday 12-13-13
Meet at the tennis courts at 3:25 to load the bus.  Ski at Happy Jack.  More getting used to skiing.  Beginner skiers will continue with classic skis. Advanced if you want you can test drive your skate skis.

Bus Schedule
Please be flexible here as this is a first for Laramie to have one team from so many different schools.

"From Principal Stender"
Bus pick up Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. If you want to come to TNT you have to find your own way.
I don't know the exact bus number, but the garage will be calling each school on Friday to let them know which bus they will be riding.  Students need to be waiting for the bus and get on quickly as other schools will also be waiting. Linford pick up 2:50,  followed close as possible to the Lab School, LJHS, IPES and then on the way out of town SRA.  Students from IPES if you wanted to catch another bus or walk over to LJHS it would be faster than waiting.   (From Chris:  We will figure a place to get dressed for skiing for those who cannot before getting on the  bus.)

Also kids from satellite schools bring all your stuff on the bus.  It will be your locker.

Last But not Least
As of right now I am the only coach.  Until we get more help, I would appreciate volunteer parents. If you can ski with us any  day please contact me.  It would be a great help.

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