Sunday, November 23, 2014

December 1-5 Practice Schedule

We are off to a great start for the season!  3 good practice days and though not super hard, we accomplished a bunch of good stuff!

Some questions by the team I tried to answer on Friday.

1. Why Yoga?
Yoga does so many things at once for all athletes.  Increases flexibility, works on core strength, connects our body and mind.  Though it is not aerobic in nature, I bet we had some sore muscles the day after.

2. If there is a basketball game at the same time as Yoga, can we go to the game instead. 
UH NO!  A practice is a practice and you have to trust the coaching team to make good decisions for the season.  Every practice has a reason, every practice is important.

3. If I am sick do I have to come to practice? Please don't.  Parents give  Coach Hamann a quick text or email to confirm.  Or it is an unexcused absence.  It is not that I don't trust all these kids.  As coaches as an employees of ACSD1, we are responsible for your children. If you expect them to be at practice they need to be there!

Being hungry is not sick or an excuse to not be at practice.  Bring a snack to eat while on the bus. (no candy, no soda)

4. Will there be chances to get 10 practices in before the first meet if I miss on?.  The coaching staff is mapping out the weeks to our first meet.   We will have a ski wax night that will count as a practice. It will be announced. I am always willing to work on individual cases, but in the end it is the school policy of 10 practices that we have to go by.  Seriously, the best way to get to go to the meet is to make the practices.

One other last important thing. Parents plan on picking your child in the parking lot by the tennis courts. All other doors to the school are locked after 4:30.  Also make a plan with your child for pick up. We have had a couple kiddos decide to walk home and then in comes worried parents looking for them.

December 1-5 Practices
We are traveling to Happy Jack from now on. The bus will pick you up. Be ready to go. LAB, IPES, SRA, be ready to go.. Change into ski clothes after school at your school or in the cold  outhouse at the trails.

 I think this is the dance:  Bus picks up LAB @3:15 on to IPES stopping at LJHS @3:25.  On the way out of town we stop at SRA  @3:35.  If you miss it at your stop before LJHS  it is up to you to make it to SRA by 3:35.  This is the biggest reason I need to know from parents before school is out if skiers are not going to be at practice.  We cannot spend practice time looking for your  kids. (Disclaimer...  We are at the mercy of the School Bus and drivers, please be patient and as helpful as you can! They appreciate it.)

December 1,3,5 2014

Classic skiing.  Drills and time getting on the snow.
All practices need Classic Skis and poles.  These are the skis with the fish scales or a place for wax under the foot.  Classic poles are the shorter poles.

Back to the tennis court parking lot @5:30.  (or very close to 5:30)

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