Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scout Nordic ski team orders

In case  miss the hard copies. Here is the info on how to order Scout Nordic shirt and tights.
These are only if you want to or you are looking for Christmas presents.  Please do to feel obligated to buy.

The shirt is made of a sport tech material.  Wicking and quick dry.  It is a great first layer or many choose to race in them instead of the tops we have for the team.  The tights are black and orange flames, some skiers have them already.  They are Nylon Spandex.  Not the warmest but really fast in a race situation.

Make all checks to LJHS.  I know this is confusing but I need separate checks for shirts and tights.  They are ordered from different companies.  And this time money with the order.

Again please do not feel obligated to buy.

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