Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Casper Invite  1-3-15

Here is the scoop:

3.5KM  Classic Race 
Start time: Noon
Casper Mountain Nordic Trails

Time Line for us:
7AM  Load the bus
7:15 leave for Casper
10:30  Arrive at trails
Warm up/ wax/ restrooms etc.

12 Noon Girls Mass Start
  Boys start 10 minutes after last girl finishes

2PM Pack Up head for home

5PM (Approximate guess) home.  

Load the bus ready to ski, wear your colors, we have team shirts for those who need them.  Tights are here but don't depend on them.  Come dressed to ski.  You can change if we find time.  The weather is predicted to be colder than the last time we were there.  Sweats or warm ups over your tights for before and after the race will be needed.  Warm jackets!

Other items to bring:
Water Bottle
Hat, gloves
Few $$ for a quick stop at a snack store on the way out of Casper.
Back Pack to carry to start of the race with your water and extra clothes in.
Comfy clothes to ride home
Things to keep you busy in the bus, Ipad, cards, music etc.

Because of our smaller travel team...we have only one bus.  Please consider this when packing

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