Sunday, January 4, 2015

Team Practices for the next few weeks.

TEAM PRACTICES 1-5-15 TO 1-16-15

As we enter month 2 of our season our focus will shift from teaching to refining technique, building endurance and speed.  We will still have fun and many snow ball fights. That is a promise!
Monday 1-5-15 (Skate Skis) Technique and distance

Wednesday 1-7-15 (Skiers Choice) Go Hard day. 

Friday 1-9-15 (Classic) Technique/game day

Monday 1-12-15 (Skate) Go hard day. 

Wednesday 1-14-15 (Skate) Easy distance/technique

Thursday 1-15-15 Weight room or wax

Friday 1-16-15 Weight room or wax  

Saturday 1-17-15 - Lander Invite – 3k Freestyle 
More on the meet as I get the info.  Lander has 2 potential locations for this meet the golf course in town or Beaver Creek Trails on South Pass. 

I have had questions about the championship meet in Lander on February 21, 2015.  Here is what I know.

1.       It is the same format for us.  Travel up and back in one day.

2.       2 Event day (This may also change) For instance  first race will be a 3km skate, rest  then a 1.5 km classic. I don’t have a clear picture what this looks like.  I will let you know when I get info.

3.       I don’t know how results will be calculated.

4.       Yes we will stop for pizza after the race to celebrate our season.

5.       Pajama Party on the bus and PJ judging at Pizza Hut.



1-17-15 Lander Invite (Not 1-16-15)
It was warmer under the snow for some of last week's practices.

2-14-15 Cowboy Chase (Our home meet combined with College and High School.)

2-21-15 Junior High Championships (Lander)


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