Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cowboy Chase Week

LJHS Special Olympic 4x1km Unified Relay Team.
Gold Medal Winners!

We are down to the last 2 weeks of this season.  After a log break of no meets we go back to back weekends.  It is going to go fast and crazy.  Please read carefully so you are not left out.

Week of February 8-14,  2015

Monday 2/9/15
      Ski at Happy Jack 
       Your Choice of skis.  These will be the skis you ski the race on Saturday with.
Wednesday 2-11/15
      Yoga at Blossom Yoga Studio   3:30 to 5:00 at LJHS
Thursday 2-12-15
     Wax barn open 3:00-4:30
     wax the pair you will race on.
Friday 2-13-15
     Wax Barn open 3:00 to 4:30
     Cowboy Chase Race weekend starts today. 
     JR High skiers are welcome to ski in High  School  JV 5KM Free style! 
     You must let Coach Hamann know if you want to do this by Monday 2-9-15.
Saturday 2-14-15
     Cowboy Chase Weekend continues
     JR HIGH RACE  3.5 KM Freestyle (Noon Start)
      All the Laramie Team will be entered.  If you cannot make it let me  know.  You can all ski this distance we have done it many times!

A little about the Cowboy Chase weekend:
     Friday 2-13-15 the bus will leave from LJHS at 11AMfor those skiers racing the 5KM. Bring a lunch to eat before or after the race. The rest of you stay in school and wax after school.  Race starts at 1PM in the Meadow.

Friday 2-13-14 evening 7:00PM  Banquet Dinner at Spring Creek Elementary School. $10/person
     The money earned will help support UW Nordic Skiers and  High Plains Skiers going to Junior Nationals.  LJHS is assigned to donate bread.  Let me know if you can help with this. Get there early, when the food id gone it is gone.

Saturday 2-14-15
    Bus loads at 10AM from LJHS.  All team expected to be there!   3.5KM Freestyle Start time 12Noon,  Start location: Meadow. Spectators plan on skiing, snowshoeing or hiking about 1KM into the start. There is no warming hut so dress for the weather.  

There will be a concession stand with hot soup, chili and baked goods.  Again we are asking for donations of individually wrapped baked goods,  soup or chili.  There is a stove to warm things up.  The LJHS portion of the sales will go toward paying race officials.  Let Coach Hamann know if you can donate or just bring it up to the race.  I can take things up on Friday.

Parent Volunteers for the race are always appreciated:  Let me know which day. I will pass on your info to the race organizers. 

For those parents who want to race, there is a citizens option both Saturday and Sunday all info is at  choose the racing information icon.

This is all I have for this week.  I will send out a separate blog for our last week and the Lander Ski Race.

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