Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jan.26- Jan. 30. 2015

LJHS Special Olympic Team
Practice this week is on Skate Skis!

I counted: We have 10 practices, 2 wax days and 2 meets left in or season!  We are on the road to the end of the season!  I am feeling rushed for time.

We have had an epidemic of forgetfulness the past week.  My patience on this is wearing just a little this.  Skiers please remember when packing your gear for the school day to check and make sure you have ALL your needs for skiing.  Please plan on it being colder that you expect at Happy Jack.  It is frustrating to call a practice short for anybody because they are not dressed for skiing.  You need hats and gloves and a jacket.  Please don't rely on the coaching staff to loan out extra. If you forget your ski boots at home and cannot ski, please go home to study.

Also on the forgetful note:  My Car is full of lost and found items. 

Feb. 14, 2015 Cowboy Chase  3-4km Freestyle for JR High. (This might be a classic race for HS)
Feb. 21, 2105 Lander -Season Championships  (Don't know all the details yet.)

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