Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 2

December 7 thru 11, 2105

We head to Happy Jack!  Keep good thoughts that the buses run and all goes well.

We hope to leave LJHS as close to 3:30pm as possible.

IPES Students -----Wait at IPES for the bus we will come and get you on the way out of town.  You should have plenty of time to change into ski clothes at IPES. We should be there 3:35PM.  Get with Coach Hamann on Friday to figure out a way to get your skis to you!

LAB School skiers, please change at the LAB School and be ready to ski by the time you get to LJHS.  You will have to hurry but you can do it!

WARNING: REMEMBER YOUR HATS, GLOVES AND WARM JACKETS! It would be a bummer to have to sit on the bus and not ski because you did not have the right warm clothing!

We aim to be in the back parking lot at LJHS by the tennis court at 5:30pm.

Though we would love to jump into skating.  We will Classic ski these first 2 weeks.

A note about the buses.. We are lucky to have buses that take us to the ski area every day.  That said the transportation garage is working out and fine tuning the schedule.  So things might change, these things are out of my or any coaches control. Please be patient this first week.

Today 12-2-15  we have 84 skiers on the roster (total from both teams)

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