Saturday, November 14, 2015

First week of practice

LJHS “Scout” Nordic
First Week of practice!

In order to get to know names and establish a bit of a routine, PRACTICES THE FIRST WEEK WILL BE IN TOWN!  Meeting at the equipment barn. (3:30PM) We will be done by 5PM.  Hopefully, the buses from other schools will be running. Let Coach Hamann know if you are at another school but LJHS, we don’t want to miss anybody.
  Please be a little patient as all parts of this dance have to be figured out!

Monday 11-30-15 or Tuesday 12- 1-2015
Dress to be outside.  Hats, Gloves, Jacket, Running shoes, and Ski Poles!  You may store your poles behind the stage in the cafeteria.
Parents please bring your skiers skis after practice, to be left in the Wax Barn.

Wednesday !2-2-15 and Thursday12-3-15
Dress to be outside.  Orientation to skis, intro waxing and making sure we have the right equipment. (Boots fit bindings, names everything, scraping skis of summer storage wax etc.).

Friday 12-4-15
Skier’s Choice of Yoga or weight room (This might change)

Starting week 2 (fingers crossed) we will be traveling to Happy Jack!  You must have all the proper paperwork and activity fee complete to get on the bus!

The team information packet is at LJHS or on a previous post here!

Think Snow!  See you in a few weeks!

P.S. There is always room for more skiers!  

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