Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week 3 Practices

First Week on Snow COLD but successful.

Our goal is to not only ski trails but to learn to ski efficiently.  Skiing with good technique makes the trails easier to handle and more fun.

Last Friday we learned how to glide wax our skis.  All skis no matter what type benefit from hot waxing.  1) it helps our skis glide.  2) protects the bottoms of our skis form daily wear. This is not the same as kick waxing.  Kick wax or grip wax is done at the ski trail to allow for those of us nor skiing on fish scale  or wax less skis to get up hills.

As of last Friday the  following skiers are missing vital items in their file with the LJHS office.  They will not be able to practice until these are up to date.  We as coaches will ask them to call parents and go home if they do show up to practice.  Please take a day and get these vital items taken care of. We will assume if you are missing everything that you are not a member of this team.  (This was the list on Friday before practice, you have have taken care of things all ready.)

David Coyle-Rogers – Physical/COC/Fee
Katie Kvenild – Physical
Dava McCamant – Physical/COC/Fee
Evan Morris – Physical/COC/Fee/Infosnap  (can’t travel)
Kenadi Olaveson – Physical/COC/Fee
Federico Bartolo – Physical/COC/Fee/Infosnap (can’t travel)
Brianna Cassidy – Physical
Jeremy Harnden – Physical/COC/Fee
Johnathon Mogensen – Physical/Fee
Kaydence Murray – Physical/COC/Fee

The following participants haven’t paid their $15.00  fee – please let them know:

Katelyn Miller
Jeremy Rucinski
Kelton Rucinski
Dayna Schepeler
Emma Sliger
Torrin Hermann
Morgann Jensen
Skyler Langenderfer
Riley Miller
Michael Pikal
Maya Stahl

This Week Practices
 Monday/Tuesday  --Classic Ski
Wednesday/Thursday-- Skate Skis if you have them
Friday-- Yoga, Strength,  waxing for those who did not get done last week  (or ski in the park if we have snow)

Reminder--Skiers are responsible for their own gear.  This means not sending not someone to get it for you or giving it to someone to put away. 

Any last minute orders for  team tights or shirts can be emailed to coach Hamann by Monday.

We are hoping to have a few make up practices over the break.  Watch for details.

First meet is January 7, 2017 in Lander

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