Monday, December 26, 2016

Jan 2-7, 2017 and Lander Invite

Hope all of you had a great rest and a good Holiday.

We had 2 really nice practices before Christmas. Fun and good work done.  I feel like those skiers who took advantage of these practices are more comfortable on skis and ready to learn to race.

DECEMBER 27, 2106
9;30AM   TO 12:00PM

Starting January 2, 2107 we get busy!
First day back to school and practices!

This week practices are Classic

JANUARY 7, 2017 
CLASSIC SKIING ONLY! (You can be disqualified if you skate)
Venue: Beaver Creek Nordic Trails (On South Pass)

6AM Load the Bus
12 noon or as close to as possible  RACE START

Requirements to be able to travel to the race:
1)  Passing all classes! (We will  know!)
2) 10 practices participated in (By Thursday we will have 10 offered)
3) Must be able to ski  3.5KM (Almost 2 miles)
4) Must be able to control skis on the downhill. (Lander has some steep hills with turns)
5) Required to be at Friday ( January 6) practice to work on skis.

If you go:
*** Bring Skis, Boots, Poles, Warm Jacket, Gloves. Hat, Warm up pants if you plan on skiing in tights.
*****Pack for the bus... Lunch, Snacks, Water, something to occupy your time (Ipad, Movies, cards, homework),  comfy clothes to change into for the ride home
*** We will stop on the way home and allow skiers to buy snacks, probably in Rawlins at the truck stop.  You may bring money.. please no more than $10, this is the skiers responsibility to keep track of.

SNACKS/LUNCH- please no peanuts or peanut butter.  We have a few kiddos wit severe allergies to avoid.

As in years past there will be a sign up going around for breakfast items for the trip.  We will  not let skiers buy snacks before the meet.  We desire healthier options for good racing. Please watch for this sign up.

Parents if you desire to go and watch. 1)  Look up directions on line to Beaver Creek Nordic Trails- Lander, WY.  2) Dress for cold conditions -- there is no warming hut. 3) If you want to bring your child home in your car you MUST sign him/her out with a coach via school approved sigh out sheet. Same if you bring your child or meet us there.

Races are Optional for all skiers: 
Coach Hamann needs your commitment to  go by Thursday, January 5, 2017.  Skiers not on the list given to the school on Friday will not be allowed to trave.! Please email/text or tell her by Thursday.  307-760-2797

January 14, 2107 
Pole Mountain Mind Bender
Laramie, WY
Start Time; Noon

This is a race put on by the Medicine Bow Nordic Association/JR High Team
We need parent help (10-14 people)  on the course, timing, registering and being a little devious.   Let Coach Hamann Know if you can help out.  The ability to ski is not required!

All LJHS SKIERS are encouraged to ski.

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