Sunday, January 21, 2018

January 22-26, 2018

8th and 6th

Ski –
Classic Skis
7th and Special

Classic Skis
8th ad 6th

Ski –
7th and Special

Day Off for all
No Practice.

Special Olympics for volunteers and athletes!
Noon to 3:30PM
(see blog for more info)

WOW! My heart is so full of greatness.  Though we did not have as many skiers at our meet as we had hoped, we had a great meet.  Fast  racers to those who have never raced before.  Congratulations! All of you did so well.  Proud Momma Coach Talking here!

Thank you to all who volunteered your afternoon to help out.  It was a great feeling to know the race was taken care of.  What ever your spot, we needed you.  You made this race really nice.

A huge thank you to Medicine Bow Nordic Association!  Randy and Dan the trail groomers, assisted by Coach Eric Dye and Coach Ginger Shenefelt, molded the course into the safe snow covered course we had.

This is the link to the results:


We have 2 home events in the near future.

Special Olympics
January 26, 2018 (Friday)
Bus Pick up at noon
Home by 3:30PM

This is a time for our team to give a little to others.
We are in charge of running the Area Games for Laramie Area Athletes.
Middle school Skiers will be setting up the Venue.  Measuring distances, timing, cheering, potentially racing with or against Special Athletes.  In general doing what is needed to help our Special Area athletes get times to qualify them to travel to Jackson for their State Games.

This is a volunteer activity offered to 7th or 8th grade skiers only!  Please contact Coach Hamann ( if you would like to help out.   Deadline Wednesday 1-24-18

Laramie Middle School does not support Special Olympics as a School Activity.  Therefore this afternoon is not an excused absence for a sport team.   You will have to pre arrange this absence.
(PS I think it is worth the paperwork and extra homework!)

Coach Hamann will buy LMS team members Pizza for lunch.  You bring a drink.

February 3, 2108
Pole Mountain Mind Bender-A Challenge Race
Start Time Noon

This is our last home event!  We need adult help.

Unlike standing and pointing we need volunteers to be on the course at stations designed to make our skiers think as well as ski, first aid, and timers.  (Costumes optional at all stations)

More info on this to come.  Please put it on your calendar.  It is the event that the team talks about all

T-shirt orders
We are ordering team shirts that you can buy.  An order form was sent out last week.  The paper hard copy that the kids brought home Friday is wrong but it will work.  Same price, same sizing the shirts will say Laramie Middle School.  Not LJHS.  Please have all orders in by Wednesday.

We have more skiers than team shirts that can be checked out.  If you would like to order an extra shirt to donate as a team uniform, we would be very grateful (Kids large, Adult Small or Medium)

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