Saturday, January 27, 2018

Pole Mountain Mind Bender

Proof  Coach Hamann does something at a race. Notice the clowns in the background.

6th and 8th
Classic Ski
Classic Ski
6th and 8th
In Town Ski wax and stretching.

Pole Mountain Mind Bender!

All Team  Members
encouraged to participate!

A big thank you to all who helped with Special Olympics.  We have three Special Athletes on our team.  They came home with the hardware!  Parents, you should be proud of your kids, they times, cheered, escorted and really helped make the event go smooth.  Way to go!

I just realized we have only 3 weeks left in the season.  They are going to be very busy.  We have something every weekend.  Practises are going to be a bit more demanding.  Plan to be pushed out of your normal. Get on the bus ready to ski, ready to work, ready to make yourselves a better skier.   
Turn in your training logs… We pay in stickers!!!

I have had skiers tell me they are not going to race because they are slow and won’t do well.  Let me tell you my perspective on races.  We say as part of this team races are optional.  At the same time, we want you to stretch yourself, and race.  If you push yourself, give the race your personal best and cross the finish line—you are a winner.  Those top 10 skiers who may get a ribbon, they may be faster than you, but they skied the same course, the same distance and we expect the same commitment from them. Try your best, finish, be a good sport. 

The races we have left we will be skiing with teams from all over the state.  I can guarantee skiers of all abilities will be there. 


Instead of a mandatory Friday Practice this week. The team will participate in the 3rd annual Pole Mountain Mind Bender.   This is a “race” like no other.  Events and distances for all abilities, family members of all ages are invited enter.   All who ski will get a finisher prize.  We will crown the King and Queen of each distance as well.

We need help with this event.
4 timers
2 Before race registration (10:30 to 11:30)
10 people with devious minds to man stations out on the course.  Must be able to walk or ski.
1 first aid ski patrol
Like last time we will have a short volunteer meeting Friday 2-2-18 at 5:00 right after practice.   

This is a great event to have fun.  We have 2 tough weeks of racing after this.

February 3, 2018**  Mind Bender--  Buses load at 10:30 AM home around 2:30PM
February 10, 2018 **  Lander  --- Beaver Creek Nordic Center. 
February 16, 2108   **  End of Season Pot Luck   5:30PM LJHS Cafeteria
(Wanted: person(s) to plan this event.)
February 17, 2108**  Lander –Golf Course


Tshirt order was submitted hopefully we have them for our first Lander Race.
Fire Tights-- Coach Hamann has a few  left.  (Kids LG, Adult XS, Adult M) Cost 25$ ,Checks  made to Fancy Pants etc. 

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