Sunday, February 4, 2018

February 5-10, 2018

Mind Bender 4KM Start


Game Day
Classic Skis

Classic Skis

Classic skis

Classic skis

Stretching and waxing

Required for those going to Lander. 

Classic Meet
 Mind Bender  2KM Start
  These last 2 weeks come when you can. Everyday if you want.    We have 8 on snow days left.   Plan for a crowded bus.                                                                                                                                                           We will be practicing classic skiing all week.  If you show up on skate skis you will wax them for classic skiing. 

The Mind Bender was a huge success!  Thank you to all who skied, dressed up and volunteered.  I had some questions as to why we do this event? It is my opinion we take sports a bit to serious very early in life.  This event gives us a bit if freedom to let our hair down, have fun and still be a team. It gave us some excitement for this weekend, the two weeks without a meet in the middle of the season gets very long and trying.  Plus, the prizes are nice.

 We  have only 2 weeks left of t his season.  Both meets 2-20-18 and 2-17-18 will be in Lander.  I have not got any information from race organizers.  As soon as I know the location of races I will let you know.  Snow conditions are playing havoc in that part of the state as well as ours.  Both races were scheduled to be classic. 

Again, meets are optional.  With all the hard work of the season under us, I would hope all skiers would compete. 

February 10, 2018 –Lander
Bus loads at 6:30AM 
Home around 6PM
Race Start no sooner than Noon. 
Either Beaver Creek Nordic Trails (On South Pass) or in town at the Golf Course.
We will ski the same venue as the High School (NRL) Races.
Please let me know if Middle Skiers are Traveling with family instead of the bus.
You must come to 3 days of practices this week to be on the race roster.

February 16, 2018
Team Banquet—family potluck 5:30PM --LMS Cafeteria
Is there someone who might take this on and be team parent in the cafeteria for the evening?

February 17, 2018---Middle School Championships ---Lander
We will take the entire team.  No qualifying times needed to ski.

Both races to Lander require a long day of travel.  Just like going to Casper, I would like to provide a healthy snack or small breakfast for the team.  This way we know team members have quality calories in their system for racing.  Donations of Bagels and Cream Cheese, yogurt sticks, granola bars, juice would be appreciated. Plan to serve 30.   Let Coach Hamann Know if you can help

.If you want to look like you survived the Mind Bender but did not participate.  LMS buffs are for sale  5$ each. 


  1. We will bring snacks for the Lander trip.
    - Tori (Cole' Kricken's mom)

  2. We will provide the yogurt sticks for Feb 10th Lander trip.
    -Cynthia(Ezra Duncan's mom)


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