Sunday, January 18, 2015

1-19-15 thru 1-24-15

Beaver Creek Nordic trails. 1-17-15 The ski trails were infested with the flames of the LJHS NORDIC team.  We did very well as a team.  It was a good day of skiing.  All should be proud of their efforts!

Practices for this week.  Put your Classic Skis away.  It is time to bring out the skate skis.
We are all looking forward to a change.

 Monday 1-19-15
 Practice is optional.
We understand that you might have other plans or  need a day off.   The bus will be at LJHS at the normal time. (3:15 ish)    No other school pick up.

  Wednesday 1-21-15  And Friday 1-23-14
  Practice as normal.  Skate skis if you have them.

Saturday 1-24-15
LJHS NORDIC is sending 4 skiers and 2 Student coaches  to Special Olympic Area Games in Casper.  Wish them luck!

Our Next meet is Feb. 14. 2015.   The Cowboy Chase (Our Home Meet)  We will with the race organizers to allow for some JR HIGH opportunities that we have not had so far. More choices of race distances and such.  Parents this is also a citizens race, an opportunity for you to race.  We will need volunteers of many kinds.  Be sure to come cheer!

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