Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jan.26- Jan. 30. 2015

LJHS Special Olympic Team
Practice this week is on Skate Skis!

I counted: We have 10 practices, 2 wax days and 2 meets left in or season!  We are on the road to the end of the season!  I am feeling rushed for time.

We have had an epidemic of forgetfulness the past week.  My patience on this is wearing just a little this.  Skiers please remember when packing your gear for the school day to check and make sure you have ALL your needs for skiing.  Please plan on it being colder that you expect at Happy Jack.  It is frustrating to call a practice short for anybody because they are not dressed for skiing.  You need hats and gloves and a jacket.  Please don't rely on the coaching staff to loan out extra. If you forget your ski boots at home and cannot ski, please go home to study.

Also on the forgetful note:  My Car is full of lost and found items. 

Feb. 14, 2015 Cowboy Chase  3-4km Freestyle for JR High. (This might be a classic race for HS)
Feb. 21, 2105 Lander -Season Championships  (Don't know all the details yet.)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

1-19-15 thru 1-24-15

Beaver Creek Nordic trails. 1-17-15 The ski trails were infested with the flames of the LJHS NORDIC team.  We did very well as a team.  It was a good day of skiing.  All should be proud of their efforts!

Practices for this week.  Put your Classic Skis away.  It is time to bring out the skate skis.
We are all looking forward to a change.

 Monday 1-19-15
 Practice is optional.
We understand that you might have other plans or  need a day off.   The bus will be at LJHS at the normal time. (3:15 ish)    No other school pick up.

  Wednesday 1-21-15  And Friday 1-23-14
  Practice as normal.  Skate skis if you have them.

Saturday 1-24-15
LJHS NORDIC is sending 4 skiers and 2 Student coaches  to Special Olympic Area Games in Casper.  Wish them luck!

Our Next meet is Feb. 14. 2015.   The Cowboy Chase (Our Home Meet)  We will with the race organizers to allow for some JR HIGH opportunities that we have not had so far. More choices of race distances and such.  Parents this is also a citizens race, an opportunity for you to race.  We will need volunteers of many kinds.  Be sure to come cheer!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Important stuff leading to the Lander Invite on 1-17-15

Rest of this week:
     Wednesday 1-14-15  Classic Skis , technique and slow distance day
      Thursday 1-15-15   Wax Barn open after school till 4:00PM
      Friday  1-16-15     Wax Barn open after school till 5:00
                                     For those of you who waxed on Thursday--- Yoga with Coach Brown.
                                      Meet in the cafeteria, bring a mat and wear appropriate clothes.

1-17-15  Lander Invite (Not 1-16-15 as it stated on the calendar)
4:45AM (UGH) Buses in the parking lot ready to load. Lets load.
5AM   Buses roll 
5AM finish our beauty rest by sleeping on the bus till our first restroom break.  (Around Rawlins)
10:30 Ish  Parking lot at Beaver Creek Nordic Trails, hike in to start
11:00 Wax and warm up
11:45 Race starts Girls
12 Noon Boys start
awards after the race.  Pack up for the bus, to Lander for lunch paid for by Mr. Stender!  Probably Pizza at Pizza Hut.
Home after pizza.  We will text or call when we get close to home.  Probably around 8PM

Things to remember:  Come dressed to ski.  The weather looks good. Lets sport our flames!  Bring healthy snacks and drinks, No Soda before the meet.  Bring your classic gear, hats gloves, warm jacket. Pillow and blanket and things to do on the bus. Comfy clothes for the ride home.  We will have the possibility to stop and get a snack like before. 5$ max for snacks if you want.   Buses will be divided boys and girls.

Beaver Creek Nordic Ski Area is located South of Lander on Highway 28 at mile post 51.5. Where the highway crosses Beaver Creek.  22 miles from the town of Lander. Look for a bunch of school buses!

Parents and fans: the start of the race is about 1/2 mile hike/ski/snowshoe from the parking lot.   If you are planning on attending this race come prepared to hike it in.  Snow boots, winter clothes etc. It is interesting to get in but worth it.

 Food for the trip.
We will take 2 buses and eat breakfast on the bus.  
So far this is what is being donated: Bagels for one bus, fruit for one bus, Yogurt sticks enough for one bus.  A huge box of cliff bars!

We could use: bagels and cream cheese for 30, Cream cheese for 30,  fruit for 30, juice or drinks (no soda) for all.

Remember if you plan n driving your child to or from the meet I need a special form signed.  They are in the team notebook that I usually leave on the bus! 

Go Scouts!

PS We have a new coach.  Introducing Coach Carlson.  He is a teacher at LJHS and now spends his afternoons hanging with the coolest team at LJHS.

Really this is all I have for  now!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Team Practices for the next few weeks.

TEAM PRACTICES 1-5-15 TO 1-16-15

As we enter month 2 of our season our focus will shift from teaching to refining technique, building endurance and speed.  We will still have fun and many snow ball fights. That is a promise!
Monday 1-5-15 (Skate Skis) Technique and distance

Wednesday 1-7-15 (Skiers Choice) Go Hard day. 

Friday 1-9-15 (Classic) Technique/game day

Monday 1-12-15 (Skate) Go hard day. 

Wednesday 1-14-15 (Skate) Easy distance/technique

Thursday 1-15-15 Weight room or wax

Friday 1-16-15 Weight room or wax  

Saturday 1-17-15 - Lander Invite – 3k Freestyle 
More on the meet as I get the info.  Lander has 2 potential locations for this meet the golf course in town or Beaver Creek Trails on South Pass. 

I have had questions about the championship meet in Lander on February 21, 2015.  Here is what I know.

1.       It is the same format for us.  Travel up and back in one day.

2.       2 Event day (This may also change) For instance  first race will be a 3km skate, rest  then a 1.5 km classic. I don’t have a clear picture what this looks like.  I will let you know when I get info.

3.       I don’t know how results will be calculated.

4.       Yes we will stop for pizza after the race to celebrate our season.

5.       Pajama Party on the bus and PJ judging at Pizza Hut.



1-17-15 Lander Invite (Not 1-16-15)
It was warmer under the snow for some of last week's practices.

2-14-15 Cowboy Chase (Our home meet combined with College and High School.)

2-21-15 Junior High Championships (Lander)