Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lander Invitational was a huge success!  Parents and skiers you should be very proud.  The results were posted on the High Plains website.

Not only were the skiers great racers they showed some real character on the way home.  Bad driving conditions and traffic jams made for very challenging times.  Your young skiers were troopers!  Hopefully all travels from now on are smooth sailing!

Please thank the Transportation Department for ACSD1.  As soon as contact was made and our situation was known there were plans being made here in Laramie to get our team home safe.

A Few Words On Waxing
 We hot wax before competitions for a few reasons. 1) To smooth out the minor  scratches we might have put in our skis during practice. Capture the Flag can be brutal to skis as well as coaches! 2) Wax is temperature and snow characteristic variable. We are making our skis ready for the conditions we  probably will encounter on the trails. 3) Skis dry with use and need to be taken care of. 4) There is real pride in taking care of our own equipment.

It is truly the skiers choice to hot wax.  All skis can benefit even those labeled non wax.  Races are won or lost in upper level competitions because of ski wax.  If you want a faster ski come and wax!

Next event : January 30, 2016 at Happy Jack
Special Olympic Area Games
9AM to Noon

Laramie is hosting Area Games for Special Olympics.  This includes many distances in Nordic Skiing and Snow Shoeing.

Coach Hamann has offered up the LJHS Nordic Team as race officials.   It is up to us to run the races! We will need timers, course marshals, and volunteers to be on the course to point directions and cheer. These things any member of the team can do.

This is not a ski event for our team but a chance to give back to the community some of what we have learned this year. I will be asking for LJHS skiers to sigh up to help. Parents are welcome to volunteer also.
Those that do help out will end the morning a Boomers BBQ for Lunch!

LJHS Nordic will be represented by 3 team members.  


Practice this week  Jan 18-22
No Practice Monday (No School)

Tuesday thru Friday we ski.  Skiers Choice for skis

We are missing a Black Fischer ski bag
Tied down at the top and has a red key lanyard on the handle.
Inside 2 pair of shorter skis (167cm)

If found please bring to school.

This bag was probably taken home by mistake. 

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