Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lander Invite Details

WOW! We had a great time this Saturday with the Pole Mountain Shuffle. You will not encounter another race like this.   We have skiers! I hope that all had fun and got some competition jitters out of the way!  Congratulations Heidi Schroeder you were the fastest skier of the day.

Here is the information for the race in Lander this Saturday (1-16-16)

All skiers from either team are invited to travel and compete! I am entering everybody, Please let Coach Hamann know of any skier not going.

Parents please get on Power School and check your child's grades.  If he/she is failing any class he/she may not go to the race.  (School policy)  Grades have to be up by Wednesday.  Teachers must sign off on this!

January 11 to 16- 2016
Monday thru Thursday Skiers choice for skis at practice.  Monday and Wednesday we will concentrate on skating.
Friday (1-15-16) Wax skis for Lander Race.  Only those competing at Lander need to come and slick up their skis!  Pick up at 5PM or earlier.

Lander Invitational, 3.5KM Freestyle
Saturday, January 16, 2106
6AM Load the Bus/ Travel to Lander
12:00 Noon Race starts
Predicted time home 5-6PM (We will have kids call as we leave Rawlins)

Load the bus dressed to race.  Wear your colors if you have them!
Other things to bring:  Skis, Boots, Poles, Warm Jacket, Gloves, Hat, Water bottle, Warm pants to wear over tights if not wearing snow pants. Lunch, Snack, Drink (No Soda), Comfortable clothes to ride home, street shoes.   Something to keep you busy during the bus ride, (Homework, books, Ipad, Earphones. Etc.)  Maybe a blanket or pillow.

Money for snacks (no more than $5). We will stop at a truck stop on the way home and allow you to buy a snack.  
The race venue is at BEAVER CREEK NORDIC SKI AREA- Located South on Wyoming Highway 28 at mile post 51.5, where the highway crosses Beaver Creek.   The start is a ½ mile hike/ski from the parking lot.  Spectators dress for the weather, there is no warming hut.
*****All team skiers form either team are welcome to participate (You must have 10 practices and be passing all your classes at school.) ****

We would like to provide the skiers with a healthy breakfast/Brunch. We need your help to do this.  Donations of food for breakfast would be greatly appreciated. 

 Breakfast Burritos, Bagels, Cream Cheese, Cheese sticks, Fruit, Yogurt sticks, Granola bars, Juice etc.   NOTHING WITH PEANUT BUTTER!
There are 60 skiers 5 coaches. 

Please let Coach Hamann (chamann63@gmail, text 760-2797) know if you can help.

Anybody willing to organize food for out other meets would be greatly appreciated!

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