Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pole Mountain Shuffle Information

1-4-16 to 1-9-16
Monday/Tuesday-  Classic Ski
Wednesday- Skate ski
Thursday- Skiers choice (Skate if you have them)
Friday- Ski prep day for all skiers.   Meet in the Equipment shed.  Pick up by 5PM

Saturday 10-9-16 Pole Mountain Shuffle  @ Happy Jack
Freestyle 2.5ish  -------Skier’s choice for skis
10AM  Load the bus at LJHS
12:00 -12:30PM Race Start (depending on the finish of the early morning events.)
Predicted time back to LJHS 2:30PM
This race is for all LJHS skiers no matter what team you ski on! It is considered a practice and all can participate no matter how many practices you might have.  This truly a fun event to start our race season!

Things to bring to a race:  Dress in team colors, (we will check out jerseys on Friday) warm jacket to wear before and after the race, water, snack, hat, gloves, skis, boots and poles.

Parents please come and watch or ski the morning race and stay to watch.  If you can we need your help, on the course or timing. Let Coach Hamann know if you can help.

The start of the race is about ½ mile from the parking lot.  Spectators you can hike or ski in.  Dress for the weather.  Parking ($5 or a season permit) is limited.  

January 16, 2105 Lander  -- Anybody with 10 practices may compete.  More info to come next week.

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