Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pole Mountain Mind Bender

Aspen Decker -12th Place Girls
Top LJHS  finisher
Ted Rittle  -7th Place Boys
Top LJHS finisher
Our first meet was a huge success! Thank You to all parents who threw food on to the bus, especially Nancy and Tom Reidel for all the breakfast burritos! The kids skied well, though some grew mustaches on the ride to Lander.

Check the facebook page for photos.

Results can be found at:

We would not have had such a great first race without the coaching/para/volunteer support we had.
For those of you who do not know about the sport or race format-- we had all skier's skis to prep for the snow conditions about one hour before the race.  Over 50 pair of skis were touched up, kicked waxed and fine tuned.  Thank you Coach Brown, Dan Lewis, Eric Dye, Ginger Shenefelt and all the others doing  those odd jobs to get us to the start line.   Also thank you Tom Reidel for jumping in to help time the race.

Practice this week will focus on Skate Skiing.  (Monday thru Thursday) Friday waxing for the Mind Bender and games at Scout Field (done at 5PM)

10:30 AM Load the bus for Happy Jack
12noon start
Home around 2PM

This is an inter squad (plus whoever) meet.  Designed to test your thinking skills, you ability to adjust to new situations and to have fun.  All team members are invited and should participate.  Prizes for  all finishers!

New skiers ski the technique they like best- race length about 2km
Experienced Skiers will ski one lap of each technique, about 4km total.
Coaches get to decide which race you will ski.

Parents we still need volunteers -  Contact Coach Hamann

Parents who want to watch- The parking lot will be full of cars.  You are welcome to ride up with the team from LJHS.  Dress for the weather as there is no shelter. Plan to hike or ski (.5KM) into the start.

Thanks for the snow dance.. now dance for decent temperatures!


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