Sunday, January 22, 2017

Busy Week Ahead

Casper was hard and long  but we endured!  Skiing at over 8000 feet is an experience.  Congrats to those who skied their first race ever!  

We skate every day if you have them. If not Classic.  We improve technique and ski some distance.  Be prepared to work no matter what.  (Monday- Thursday) 
Friday: Wax skis for Lander.  Only those going to Lander need to be here.  Others enjoy your day off. 

We have had issues with skiers just not paying attention.  Some have missed the bus to practice, some have wandered off at practice, some have come but not brought their skis.  This seems to be a growing thing.  Parents how do we help?  

 Friday 1-27-17
Special Olympics
The  LJHS Team will be providing all the staffing the Laramie Area Games!
We leave LJHS at Noon.  Be home around 3:30 -4PM  We are invited tot he victory dinner at Big Brothers/ Sisters at 5:30.

This is a volunteer thing.  You will miss school.  It will be excused and a Ski team function. You must  let Coach Hamann know if you are going by Tuesday. You have to be on the  excused   from school list to go.

So far I have: Jesse Burgess, Riley Miller, Amalie  Binning, Austin Quillinan, Jeremy Harnden, Sarah Arnold, Micheal Pikal, 

Saturday  1-28-17 Lander JR High Races
Venue to be decided on. 
I was told this is a Free Style Race.

Load the bus at 6AM (UG)
By Now you know the routine.  Come dresses to ski.  Bring a lunch.  
Bring  warm clothes.  To many very cold kids in Casper!

If you helped at Special Olympics we will fast wax your skis before the race.!

Again Coach Hamann needs an idea of who is going..


We have 2 new faces on our staff of Coaches!
Eric Dye and Ginger Shenefelt
They come from Red Lodge, MT to help out.  They are great teachers and are already pushing our skiers to be better.  Races are more organized as they truly get to work getting skiers on skis and to the tracks!  Say hello and thanks when you see them!

Coach Hamann brought henna for the bus ride to Casper.  It was a great way to keep my girls quiet and sitting down.  It has to dry for about 30 minutes!   No Mustaches!

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