Saturday, January 14, 2017

Casper Invite Info

First Waive of the Mind Bender

As a coach it is a joy to mess with your kids minds.  I hope they had fun! When  they forget about skiing they ski very well! Go figure.  A huge thank you goes out to the Medicine Bow Nordic Association. (Race team leaders: Dan Lewis, Don Jones, Randy Hulme,) and to you parents who helped!

These are all the photos I took..  If  you took any that you would like to share please email them to coach Hamann.

1-16-17 to 1-20-17 

Monday No School - Practice times 1PM to 3:30PM.  If you cannot make
this come Tuesday and make it up.

                                                             Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Practices at Happy Jack  --Skiers choice for skis

Friday- Wax at LJHS done by 5PM
                                                                            This practice is for those skiers going to Casper on  Saturday.  


Casper Invitational

3.5 KM Freestyle
Any technique allowed, all who go can ski, most choose to skate

Venue: Casper Mountain Nordic Trails, on top of Casper Mountain
Start time: Noon or close
If you drive: Parking is an issue, you will walk from the parking lot to the race course.  There is a small lodge with concessions

7AM Bus loads at LJHS
5PM estimated time back to Laramie

Dress to ski, bring skis, hat gloves. warm jacket and warm up pants, lunch and water, comfy clothes to wear home, money for snacks.  Hopefully we have breakfast on the bus.  

Casper Mountain can be very cold and windy.. come prepared!

Again  races are an option:  Coach Hamann needs to know if you plan to come by Thursday at practice.  Not on the list I give the office Friday Morning... you cannot get on the bus Saturday morning. (


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