Sunday, January 29, 2017

Jan.30- Feb 4

 Skiers on the Lander Golf Course

It was a great day of skiing on a a beautiful course.  We had skiers on the top ten of every division!

This week we rest!  No Travel Plans!  Yes we have a week designed full of practices!
There have been some questions about a meet in Cody.  THIS IS TOO FAR FOR US T TRAVEL.  WE WILL NOT BE GOING.  If you are traveling up with family, to watch a sibling and would like to race let Coach Hamann know.  She will be glad to get you entered.

This weeks practice:  Monday /Tuesday skate skis
                                   Wednesday/Thursday Classic skis.
Warming Up
                        Because we have no race this week, be ready to work hard at practice.
                                    Friday Practice
                      Game day at Scout field.  On Skis.
           Come prepared to participate in the games we plan.


8th Grade Boys start
February 11, 2017
Laramie Invite (High School and Middle School)
 Middle School Start time 12 Noon
Happy Jack Trails

We need adult help finish line crew, adults at intersections on the trail, possible timing help.  Please keep this on your calendars!


February 18, 2107
Middle School Championships
 Casper Nordic Trails

 Some of the awards brought home from Lander

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              If you have heard new names for Coaches.. We added to our staff right after the Christmas Break.
Coach Eric Dye
Coach Ginger Shenefelt
Eric Dye and Ginger Shenefelt are a great addition to our team.  They know a lot about skiing and most important training.  At
meets they have been the brains behind waxing and getting our skiers out on the track prepared.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Busy Week Ahead

Casper was hard and long  but we endured!  Skiing at over 8000 feet is an experience.  Congrats to those who skied their first race ever!  

We skate every day if you have them. If not Classic.  We improve technique and ski some distance.  Be prepared to work no matter what.  (Monday- Thursday) 
Friday: Wax skis for Lander.  Only those going to Lander need to be here.  Others enjoy your day off. 

We have had issues with skiers just not paying attention.  Some have missed the bus to practice, some have wandered off at practice, some have come but not brought their skis.  This seems to be a growing thing.  Parents how do we help?  

 Friday 1-27-17
Special Olympics
The  LJHS Team will be providing all the staffing the Laramie Area Games!
We leave LJHS at Noon.  Be home around 3:30 -4PM  We are invited tot he victory dinner at Big Brothers/ Sisters at 5:30.

This is a volunteer thing.  You will miss school.  It will be excused and a Ski team function. You must  let Coach Hamann know if you are going by Tuesday. You have to be on the  excused   from school list to go.

So far I have: Jesse Burgess, Riley Miller, Amalie  Binning, Austin Quillinan, Jeremy Harnden, Sarah Arnold, Micheal Pikal, 

Saturday  1-28-17 Lander JR High Races
Venue to be decided on. 
I was told this is a Free Style Race.

Load the bus at 6AM (UG)
By Now you know the routine.  Come dresses to ski.  Bring a lunch.  
Bring  warm clothes.  To many very cold kids in Casper!

If you helped at Special Olympics we will fast wax your skis before the race.!

Again Coach Hamann needs an idea of who is going..


We have 2 new faces on our staff of Coaches!
Eric Dye and Ginger Shenefelt
They come from Red Lodge, MT to help out.  They are great teachers and are already pushing our skiers to be better.  Races are more organized as they truly get to work getting skiers on skis and to the tracks!  Say hello and thanks when you see them!

Coach Hamann brought henna for the bus ride to Casper.  It was a great way to keep my girls quiet and sitting down.  It has to dry for about 30 minutes!   No Mustaches!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Casper Invite Info

First Waive of the Mind Bender

As a coach it is a joy to mess with your kids minds.  I hope they had fun! When  they forget about skiing they ski very well! Go figure.  A huge thank you goes out to the Medicine Bow Nordic Association. (Race team leaders: Dan Lewis, Don Jones, Randy Hulme,) and to you parents who helped!

These are all the photos I took..  If  you took any that you would like to share please email them to coach Hamann.

1-16-17 to 1-20-17 

Monday No School - Practice times 1PM to 3:30PM.  If you cannot make
this come Tuesday and make it up.

                                                             Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Practices at Happy Jack  --Skiers choice for skis

Friday- Wax at LJHS done by 5PM
                                                                            This practice is for those skiers going to Casper on  Saturday.  


Casper Invitational

3.5 KM Freestyle
Any technique allowed, all who go can ski, most choose to skate

Venue: Casper Mountain Nordic Trails, on top of Casper Mountain
Start time: Noon or close
If you drive: Parking is an issue, you will walk from the parking lot to the race course.  There is a small lodge with concessions

7AM Bus loads at LJHS
5PM estimated time back to Laramie

Dress to ski, bring skis, hat gloves. warm jacket and warm up pants, lunch and water, comfy clothes to wear home, money for snacks.  Hopefully we have breakfast on the bus.  

Casper Mountain can be very cold and windy.. come prepared!

Again  races are an option:  Coach Hamann needs to know if you plan to come by Thursday at practice.  Not on the list I give the office Friday Morning... you cannot get on the bus Saturday morning. (


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pole Mountain Mind Bender

Aspen Decker -12th Place Girls
Top LJHS  finisher
Ted Rittle  -7th Place Boys
Top LJHS finisher
Our first meet was a huge success! Thank You to all parents who threw food on to the bus, especially Nancy and Tom Reidel for all the breakfast burritos! The kids skied well, though some grew mustaches on the ride to Lander.

Check the facebook page for photos.

Results can be found at:

We would not have had such a great first race without the coaching/para/volunteer support we had.
For those of you who do not know about the sport or race format-- we had all skier's skis to prep for the snow conditions about one hour before the race.  Over 50 pair of skis were touched up, kicked waxed and fine tuned.  Thank you Coach Brown, Dan Lewis, Eric Dye, Ginger Shenefelt and all the others doing  those odd jobs to get us to the start line.   Also thank you Tom Reidel for jumping in to help time the race.

Practice this week will focus on Skate Skiing.  (Monday thru Thursday) Friday waxing for the Mind Bender and games at Scout Field (done at 5PM)

10:30 AM Load the bus for Happy Jack
12noon start
Home around 2PM

This is an inter squad (plus whoever) meet.  Designed to test your thinking skills, you ability to adjust to new situations and to have fun.  All team members are invited and should participate.  Prizes for  all finishers!

New skiers ski the technique they like best- race length about 2km
Experienced Skiers will ski one lap of each technique, about 4km total.
Coaches get to decide which race you will ski.

Parents we still need volunteers -  Contact Coach Hamann

Parents who want to watch- The parking lot will be full of cars.  You are welcome to ride up with the team from LJHS.  Dress for the weather as there is no shelter. Plan to hike or ski (.5KM) into the start.

Thanks for the snow dance.. now dance for decent temperatures!