Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Laramie Team Nordic Meet
This is info for the JR High team.  High School Info may be a bit different. 

Friday, Jan. 17,2014
3KM Skate race for all JR High Skiers
Meet starts with High School skiers at 11:30AM
Predicted Start for JR High 12:30 PM

Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014
5KM Classic for all JR High Skiers (High School 10KM)
Interval start (2 people every 30 seconds) start at 9:30AM, no break between High School and Jr High skiers.  

We will have a bus to take the team to the race,  Friday it will pick up at your child's school.  Saturday we will all meet at JR High parking lot.  Exact  pick up times will be announced next week. All Nordic Team members must ride the bus to the meet. 

Parking- Only team buses and race officials will be allowed in the parking lot at Tie City.  All other vehicles will park at the Headquarters Rest Area.  Catch the shuttle bus from there to the area.

The race start is staged 1/2 mile up the trails.  You have to make your own way in from the parking lot.  Skiing is the preference but you may walk or snowshoe as well.  Please stay off the set classic tracks.  Your footprints hurt your child's chance of a great race.  Dress for the weather.

You are welcome out on the course to cheer. Move with traffic.  Be always on the look out for racers. Yield to them at all times.  Stay out of set tracks. Stay on the side of the trails.  Yell your heads off for your kids. 

Volunteers needed in many ways!
Thank you to those who have all ready contacted me.  We still need help in many areas.
Simple things like collecting numbers after the race to staffing concessions to sweeping the trails for stragglers.  Team Snacks or sliced oranges for the end of the race are always needed.  Also Gatorade and chocolate milk.  Please let me know if you can help out.  Your name and contact info.

We will be combining efforts and resources with the High School Nordic Team to provide home baked goodies and hot chili at the meet.  Money generated from this will help the skiers participating in Nationals pay their way.  LJHS is officially sending  at least one Skier this year. ALBERT STEINER Lets help him represent LJHS while he is in Vermont. 

We are asking for donations of baked goods. Individually wrapped  ready to be sold.  Also we need 2-3 people to make large kettles of Chili that can be sold by the cup full.  There will be a way to keep it hot up there.  You can bring these with you or put them on the team bus to get them to the concession area. Chili can be dropped off  Thursday LJHS Cafeteria during wax party.  Specs of wax party to be announced later.

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