Thursday, January 23, 2014

Saturday, 1-25-14 Casper Mountain Meet

January 25, 2014
Casper Mountain Meet
Departure: From  LJHS Parking lot, by the tennis courts at 6:00 AM.  Home sometime early evening.
Location: Casper Mountain Trails. 
Parking and JR High Race will be past the lodge, toward Beartrap  Meadow.  About  ½ mile  down the road and around the corner, big parking lot on the left of the road.  Over flow parking at Beartrap Meadow,  1/2 mile walk back to race start.
Start Time: 11:30AM  Boys first, Girls 5 minutes after boys
Format:   3KM Free Style with a Mass Start.
We will warm up on a designated warm up course and ski on a race course.  The start and finish are close together but not at the same spot.  Please stay on the trails we have been designated as JH race trails.  Do not decide to go watch the High School races.  The Casper officials have been very direct in asking us to stay off the Sprint courses designated High School.  Your safety and my sanity are at stake here.
What to bring:
1.       Load the bus dressed to ski.  You can take warm clothes off in the bus if you need to.  Have ski boots in a bag or something to bring on the bus .
2.       Skis and poles that you are using for the race. Bag them if you can.  They will ride under the bus.
3.       Lunch.  We will have no access to the lodge for lunch.  Bring one!  Breakfast type snacks will be provided.
4.       NO MORE THAN $10 if you must bring money.  We will try to stop at a snack place (gas station) and let you get a snack for the ride home. This depends on time.
5.       Comfy clothes to ride home in.  Sweat pants, jeans etc.  No slippers, you must have shoes of some sort. You can always stay in ski clothes if you want.
6.       Suggested things:  Something to do on the bus.  Kindle, book, ear phones, video games, I pad, etc.  Remember that Coaches and LJHS are not responsible for broken or lost things.   Also a pillow or a small blanket for resting if you want. With all that said, we have 36 people to get on the bus and not a lot of room.  Pack according to this.
SPORTSMANSHIP, SPORTSMANSHIP, SPORTSMANSHIP: Remember that all athletes are there to do their best just like you.  Be sure to congratulate other skiers on their effort.  If you need to, apologize for mishaps out on the course.  Cheer for all especially our team.  Thank the officials, and other adults helping run this meet.  They have volunteered their Saturday to be with us.    Be the best you can be on the race track as well as off.   

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